Griffin Tarzan: "If we went to the Rift Rivals, I wanted to play against RNG."

On the 11th of July (KST), in the first game of Day 19 of the 2018 LCK Summer Split, Griffin shut out Afreeca Freecs 2-0 and stayed at first place. Griffin’s jungler, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong, said that the loss against kt Rolster was a good opportunity for them to renew their minds and to work more as a team.

The following is the interview with Tarzan.


You’ve maintained 1st place with today’s win. How do you feel?

Game 2 was a bit hard, but it’s a relief that we won 2-0. If we lost again after losing to kt Rolster last time, the atmosphere would have been bad. I feel really good that we won today.

How was the feedback after losing to kt Rolster? How did you prepare for today’s match?

After losing the last game, we practiced being ‘one team’ on calls, teamwork and other things. I think that was one of the main reasons that we won today. Our shotcalls weren’t very good, and our teamwork wasn’t good. I think we weren’t able to fully concentrate either.

According to the stats, all the strong teams of the past laid a lot of wards. Griffin is 9th in the LCK at placing wards, but you still fight exceptionally well. Having vision over the map is essential in LoL; why do you think your team doesn’t lay many wards?

It’s important to have vision on the maps; we start teamfights after getting data through our vision. In other words, we only fight where we have vision. Honestly, I didn’t know we were 9th at placing wards. (Laughs)

Your team aims at playing without making calls. Then do you actually not speak during the game?

We talk about the big picture, but we don’t say anything on the small parts. For example, if we plan the next fight at the dragon, we just manage the lanes and jungle in that direction without more detailed calls. I think it’s good not to make those small calls, but I think it’ll be hard to make no calls at all.

Who was the most impressive jungler at the Rift Rivals?

I didn’t see all the games, but Score was the best. He penetrated the opponent jungler’s gap well.

Was there a team that you wanted to play against if you went to the Rift Rivals?

If we went to the Rift Rivals, I wanted to play against RNG. We practiced against them before, but I’m curious about how it’ll be if we play them on stage.

Who’s the least fun in the team?

Lehends is. He has a value that makes the mood go down all of a sudden.

Do you have any last comments?

I’ll do my best preparing for the next game to deliver good performance.

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