Warcraft 3 receives another massive patch fueling hope for remastered edition.

We have already reported on the slow but steady rise of Warcraft 3 but the story continues onward.

Today, Blizzard's Classic Games department revealed three forum posts detailing the newest changes, additions, and balance passes to Warcraft 3, the 15 year old RTS.

[War3] 1.30 Balance Changes

[War3] Map Pool Updates

[War3] 1.30 PTR

Posted by Senior Producer Pete Stilwell, these post detail a staggering amount of changes to a game with a competitive meta pretty much set in stone. Unlike Blizzard's other patches for competitive games (which usually err on the side of caution with small changes), Warcraft 3 Patch 1.30 includes major tech-tree, hero balance, and unit balance changes to each of the games four playable races.

▲The races of Warcraft 3 haven't been changed this drastically since The Frozen Throne expansion was released in 2003


Like most patch notes, to truly appreciate the changes you need an intimate knowledge of the game. Does the casual Warcraft 3 player understand the magnitude of a Level 2 Brilliance Aura nerf, Fortified Orc burrows at Tier 2, or  Acolytes moving at 250 move speed instead of 220? A long-awaited buff to Shaman?

No, most Warcraft 3 fans won't notice the changes and that is ok. RTS games are traditionally balanced by the highest level of play and Warcraft 3's popularity is almost entirely rooted in the competitive scene. 

▲Gyrocopters, Shaman, and Glaive throwers were among the weakest units in the game - all buffed in patch 1.30.

The most popular rumor is that these sweeping changes are in preparation for the often speculated and never confirmed Warcraft 3 remastered. Blizzard has remained tight-lipped about the idea but they have conceded that if a remastered edition were to exist, the current Warcraft 3 would need a considerable amount of polish.

Patch 1.30 is probably step number 2 of this polish. Patch 1.29 was the first and now Warcraft 3 fans around the world are flocking to the PTR to try the newest build.

All good?

After reviewing the patch changes, die-hard fans are feeling a mix of emotions: excitement, shock, and a not-insignificant amount of worry. Just after reading, any Warcraft 3 competitive junkie knows that patch 1.30 will significantly change the most winning tactics and strategies, but are broad stroke changes really what such a finely balanced RTS needs?

The changes are currently available on the PTR, so Blizzard always has the opportunity to reel in some of the potentially imbalanced changes.

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