Kulve Taroth Siege Back in Monster Hunter: World!


The Kulve Taroth Siege has come back to Monster Hunter: World on May 25th!

This event will go on for a week until May 31st, and there haven't been any particular changes made to this event compared to the one that was previously added in April.

You can participate in the Kulve Taroth Siege at the Gathering Hub on the 4th floor of Astera after you complete the special assignment for the quest by finding the Kulve Taroth track through the optional quests or expedition first. The players who have already completed the special assignment in the 1st Siege can join the Siege without having to do it over.


▲  If you find the traces of Kulve Taroth, you can move on to doing the special assignment.
▲ The Kulve Taroth Siege requires teamwork with your allies since its difficulty is fairly high.


If any party among all parties at the Gathering Hub manages to destroy Kulve Taroth’ horn, the Siege will end and all players will be able to obtain a Kulve Taroth Relic weapon, craft materials for Kulve Taroth armor, and the Bushi Tickets, which you can exchange for the Bushi-Sabi and Bushi-Homare sets, the new layered armour sets.

The Kulve Taroth Relic weapons are golden weapons with high elemental Attack stats that do not need to be crafted or enhanced separately. Since they come in different types of weapons, you will need to join the Siege several times until you get the weapon with the right stat for your tastes.


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▲ You can get a Relic weapon that needs Appraisal from joining the Siege.
▲ Among the weapons are alternatives to other weapons, so you will need to grind several times until you get the one you want.

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