Join the Kulve Taroth Siege! Details on the Quest & Kulve Taroth Gear In Monster Hunter: World


A new Elder Dragon, Kulve Taroth, has been added along with the new free update in Monster Hunter World, and we were able to check out the Kulve Taroth Siege and the Kulve Taroth equipment.

In order to hunt Kulve Taroth, you need to find the tracks through Optional Quests or Expeditions, and these tracks can be easily found since they are scattered around the map. After finding the track, you can accept the special quest from the Admiral in Astera and then participate in the Kulve Taroth Siege at the Gathering Hub on the 4th floor of Astera.


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▲ You can easily find clues about the Kulve Taroth from Optional Quests or Expeditions.


▲ After you return to Astera, talk to the Admiral to start the Kulve Taroth Siege.


▶ About the Kulve Taroth Siege

1. For the Kulve Taroth Siege, there are 4 players in one party, just like a regular hunt. However, the whole process is shared among up to 16 players within the same Gathering Hub.

2. The Pursuit Level for Kulve Taroth will increase depending on the overall process for each party.

3. Once the Pursuit Level for Kulve Taroth goes up, it will be easier to inflict damage on parts of Kulve Taroth, making the hunt much easier.

4. The final objective is to have all of the Kulve Taroth horns destroyed; it can be done by just one party.

5. Kulve Taroth will run away once the horns are destroyed, and the party that has successfully destroyed the horns will get a chance to carve the horns.

6. Once the horns are destroyed, the players who have participated even once in the hunt will get rewards based on their individual Reward Level.

7. Once both horns are destroyed and the rewards are accepted, the hunt will end, and the players will be able to start the hunt again from the start.


▲ The Kulve Taroth


▲ The Kulve Taroth Siege has 4 players per party.


During the Kulve Taroth Siege, you can do several things for the hunt, such as finding Kulve Taroth’ tracks in the new map, Caverns of El Dorado, or destroying the monster's parts. 

The Pursuit Level can be increased to 6 and Reward Level to 17 at the maximum, and the hunting reward will be decided based on the player’s Reward Level after the horns are destroyed. You can obtain high-class materials and the Bushi Tickets, from which you can get the Akatsuki no Bushi Set, the new Layered Armor Set. It is also possible to get a Kulve Taroth Weapon with a random element, Tier, and skill effects.

※ In cases where you did not participate in the hunt at all - for example, not engaging in combat even once - before the Kulve Taroth horns are destroyed, you won’t be able to get any rewards.

※ You can try to do this quest alone but it takes an average of 2 hours+ to destroy the horns, so we recommend you go to the Gathering Hub for the Siege.


▲ Each party within the Gathering Hub will have to cooperate to increase the Pursuit Level and Reward Level.


▲ The number of rewards that can be obtained when the Reward Level is 15.



▶ Details on the Kulve Taroth Armor Set α, β


▲ Kulve Taroth Set α
▲ Kulve Taroth Set β

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