Interview With RNG Xiaohu and Letme: "2018 is the year of RNG"

On the 20th, at the Finals of the 2018 MSI, Royal Never Give Up defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 3-1. Although the MVP award went to Uzi, the rest of RNG did their share by enabling the star ADC. With Letme's reliable toplane performance and Xiaohu's few, but game-turning plays, RNG was able to take down the Korean titans.

After the series, Letme and Xiaohu were invited for an interview with Sjokz.

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▲ RNG's toplaner, Letme (Photo Source: Riot Games)

If you look at the games now, what did it came down to? How were you guys so much stronger than Kingzone today?

Letme: We're not that much of a better team. I just think we're more consistent and calm. As for KZ, they seemed a bit impatient and anxious.

What does it mean to you to have stepped up so big for this international stage?

Letme: I'm so grateful to have my teammates. Although I didn't do that well in scrims, my teammates believed in me and helped me. That's how I was able to perform.

▲ RNG's midlaner, Xiaohu (Photo Source: Riot Games)

You turned up phenomenally today, what was it to you to have lifted that trophy and win the title?

Xiaohu: Lifting this trophy is so surreal. I'm very happy. As a team, we grew so much through this tournament, and we're now confident to face anyone in the future.

You guys beat KZ in a BO5. How long will this legacy go on for? Especially in regards to the World Championship?

Xiaohu: 2018 is the year of RNG!

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