RNG Ming: "Uzi taught me many things. I'm really lucky to have had the chance to play with him"

Royal Never Give Up makes history by taking ahold of the MSI trophy for the LPL. 

On the 20th, in Paris France, at the Finals of the 2018 MSI, RNG defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 3-1. Throughout the entire series, RNG pushed back KZ, the team that dominated the LCK. In addition, Uzi's performance was flawless. During a crucial Baron fight in game 4, Uzi displayed near inhuman instincts and turned the fight around. With that fight, RNG was able to pull themselves back into the game for the victory.

The following is an interview with the entire RNG roster.

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First of all, congratulations! I have a question for the head coach: what was the key point you paid attention to this series? What decided the match?

Kezman: The trust that the coaching staff and players shared was different this time around. It was a lot better. I think that's why we saw major improvement. If I am to give an MVP award to a member of RNG, I'd give it to coach Heart.

This is a question for coach Heart: What was the deciding factor in today's series? Maybe a tactic in picks and bans?

Heart: For picks and bans, we held a meeting before the series and came upon the decision to pick champions that fit with the players' individual preferences. 

This one is for Uzi: I think the Baron fight in game 4 was the most important moment in today's series. How did you come to make the decisions that you did at that crucial moment?

Uzi: I was very confident that we'd win at that moment, so I went in with my team. In addition, I really like Kai'Sa as a champion.

Uzi, you've now won both a regional league and an international tournament. How do you feel?

Uzi: I feel wonderful. Winning an international title was my dream. I'm very happy that I've accomplished that.

Today, many Chinese fans came to watch. Did their cheers empower you?

Uzi: Our fans are truly amazing. I was able to hear them despite having had headsets on. I'm really thankful.

This is a question for Ming: how does it feel to play with the best ADC player in the world?

Ming: Uzi had taught me a lot of things. I'm really lucky to have had the chance to play with him. Also, our synergy at the moment is at its best.

This is a question for Karsa: you shed a lot of tears after winning. What was on your mind?

Karsa: It was a very difficult season... we had run into many challenges throughout it, and we had to put in just as much effort to overcome them. I was overfilled with joy when we won -- I was moved. 

Letme, You went 50:50 against everyone that you had faced in this tournament. 

Letme: I was able to play like that thanks to my coaches and teammates. I really want to thank them.

Karsa, you played a lot of Skarner today. Why?

Karsa: Skarner is the best champion in the current meta.

What is your next goal?

Uzi: I want us to do our best in every tournament and win. We won't just end it here with the MSI -- we'll continue to march forward.

This is a question for Xiaohu: in 2016, you were eliminated in the playoffs, but this year, you won the entire thing. It must feel surreal.

Xiaohu: In 2016, there were a lot of teams that were better than us. But this year, we were the best team. That's how we were able to lift the cup.

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