Seeing the Future of Esports: Photos from the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE


The first IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE has finally begun! There were many people who joined us starting from early morning. We were greeted first by Kim Phan’s keynote address when we walked in with our tickets and excitement, and it was just amazing! UCI bustled with people who were busily going around to join many amazing panels and discussions at the IGEC.

Of course, we couldn't miss out the fun! First, if you entered the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE, you would have seen several League of Legends champions and Overwatch heroes moving around the site. Many cosplayers joined the IGEC with their awesome cosplays!

Also, Pearl Abyss displayed their unreleased English version of Black Desert Mobile at the UCI for a demonstration so that gamers could try it out prior to its global release. There also was the signing event for professional players, the League of Legends exhibition match played with pros for visitors, as well as League of Legends Collegiate Tournament Finals, and many more. Here are photos from the site for those who couldn’t make it to the IGEC!


▶ The 1st IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE Holds Its Grand Opening!


▲ The first thought that crossed my mind was that they had two Genjis as security guards...


▲ This was where the League of Legends Collegiate Tournament Finals was going to be held later in the afternoon.




▲ First, we had to get our tickets...


▲ The IGEC has truly begun - with Kim Phan's keynote speech!


▲ Madlife, Shy, and Susie Kim having a serious discussion.


▲ What makes Korean players so good?


▲ Our speakers at the IGEC!


▲ And more our amazing speakers!
▲ We had to take a break after walking around so much...


▲ Then we went to the signing event for pro gamers.


▲ Me, me!!


▲ We got a goodie bag!


▲ Reynad, Kranich, Madlife, and Shy busily signing for their fans. 


▲ ...even on a fan's bag!


▲ A Blood Moon Elise came all the way from the Summoner's Rift to get their signatures...


▲ Amazing Overwatch cosplays!


▲ I love Sivir's pizza crossblade!


▲ Ahri & Elise posing for the picture!


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