SKT Bang: "Peanut, just you wait for us... we only have 2 more steps left to take"

On the 31st, SKT defeated KSV in the 2018 LCK Spring Playoffs Wildcard match. SKT played according to patch 8.6 and played uncommon champions on the rift, such as Kai'Sa, Trundle, and Cassiopeia. Today, Blank reliably played Trundle and Zac. As for Bang, he displayed great carrying capabilities. 

The following is the post-match interview with Bang and Blank.

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How do you feel taking down KSV with a score of 2-1 in the Wildcard match?

Bang: I actually became more comfortable with the tournament as it transitioned to the playoffs. We had already prepared everything, so all we need to do is show it. I also relieved some of my nervousness -- reducing potential mistakes -- by thinking, "we have no choice anyway if the enemy team is better than us, so let's just do everything that we can."

Blank: I also felt comfortable. Every individual player on our team has been improving, so we played confidently. As result, we won today.

Today's match was the very first on patch 8.6. Your team played very tactically today, starting from game 1. How did you prepare for today's match?

Bang: As a long-time professional player, I've never seen such a large change hit the botlane before. That part did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I think our match helped a lot of the top teams that watched today.

You guys first-picked Kai'Sa. A lot of players have been saying that she's weak against Caitlyn. 

Bang: I mainly played Kai'Sa during scrims, so I was prepared for every scenario. Since I've experienced her in so many different situations, I confidently picked her.

Can you tell us about the jungle Trundle?

Blank: Trundle has been making appearances on leagues overseas. After playing him a couple of times during practice, I started building confidence in him. He was a champion that we picked after properly predicting the enemy's picks and bans.

What variable do you think allowed KSV to make a comeback in game 2?

Bang: Personally speaking, I truly have no idea. We did make small mistakes, but I don't think it was significant enough for us to lose like that. We'll have to watch the VOD and make sure. I don't think the loss of Baron was the cause... we'll have to watch it again. 

Blank: Overall, there were a number of mistakes... we also couldn't push through their defenses while we were significantly ahead. It's a shame that we rushed. 

The enemy team banned ADC champions. That means KSV was eyeing you, Bang. Were you aware of that?

Bang: I still got what I wanted. Even if I was KSV's target during picks and bans, I saw no problem.

Your next opponent is KT Rolster. A team that's not to be underestimated. How do you predict that match?

Bang: Oddly enough, whenever we were preparing for the matchup, I had a feeling that only KT's botlane would perform well. I was fairly certain that our team was ahead for the other positions. "If I'm able to defeat the enemy botlane, we could win," is my current thought process. Since KT has been performing very well lately, we'll have to prepare well.

Blank: Since their junglers are all about working together with the laners, it's hard to predict how the 1 vs 1 will go. I'll put my faith into my teammates and play confidently.

In your current form, how far do you think SKT will go during the playoffs?

Bang: I don't know how the other teams are thinking, but I think Afreeca Freecs are ahead of KT, and that Kingzone is ahead of Afreeca Freecs. If we slowly take step by step, we'll recover our confidence. It might be a difficult journey, but if we reach the top this way, I think it'll be awesome.

Blank: In order to reach the Finals, we'll have to take down KT Rolster; so it'll definitely be difficult. 

The new players, Thal and Effort, must've been extremely nervous today. 

Bang: There definitely exists a difference between players who are experienced and those who aren't. Players who aren't experienced always show an opening in whatever they do. But so far, Thal and Effort have been adapting at a pretty good pace. We have 6 teams under us, so I think they're doing fine.

Blank: They're doing so much better than when I was a rookie. Whenever they seem to get shaky, I tell them to stop rushing things and to slow down.

Any last words?

Bang: Peanut, just you wait for us... we only have 2 more steps left to take. 

Blank: We somehow made it to the next round. I really want us to prepare well for the next match and reach the Finals. Beyond that, I also want to qualify for MSI.

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