SKT Bang: "Excluding just two games, I only played Kai'Sa during scrims"

In the Wildcard match of the LCK Spring Split Playoffs, SKT defeated KSV with a score of 2-1. SKT successfully took revenge on KSV for denying them the championship title last year.

Many notable things happened today. First of all, Kai'Sa made her very first appearance here in the LCK. SKT's ADC, Bang, displayed extraordinary performance on the champion and took the 1st game for SKT. 

In game 2, a large-scale comeback happened. KSV took Zilean and Skarner -- putting emphasis on mobility. However, SKT gave KSV no opening, as they played out the match slowly and made zero to no mistakes.  When almost everyone became certain that SKT had won, KSV stole Baron right off of SKT's hands and secured the Elder dragon right after. After decorating themselves with the buffs, KSV led their minions straight towards SKT's base and finished the game.

The final game of the series was a close one. Until the 20-minute mark, both sides exchanged even blows. However, after a number of teamfights, SKT started taking over the game. As the gap widened, SKT pushed for the win. 

After the series, 5 players of SKT were invited for an interview.

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Blank received the MVP title today. How do you feel, Blank?

Blank: I became very nervous after losing game 2. I'm very happy that we won game 3.

You were putting in a lot of effort on playing jungle Trundle today. How is he as a champion in the jungle?

Blank: I consider him good when compared to the other popular junglers. 

Thal, you were the MVP for game 1. How do you feel?

Thal: I was extremely nervous in game 1... but I was able to land all my skillshots. It felt great.

Before the match, many people considered CuVee to have the upper hand in lane. Were you aware of that?

Thal: I think being aware of that allowed me to try even harder. I lost to him during the last time, so I really wanted to beat him this time.

Many people say that you have a good voice.

Thal: Thank you.

Out of your teammates today, who gave you the most amount of support?

Thal: Everyone did.

Bang, you had a fantastic showing of Kai'Sa today. How good is she as a pick?

Bang: With the patch, I told the team that we have to either ban or research Kai'Sa for ourselves. During scrims, excluding just two games, I only played Kai'Sa. The two games were for scenarios where Kai'Sa would've been banned. I think it was important that I practiced like that.

Did you guys see Bang fighting 1 vs 3?

Faker: I saw him going in, but he was exhausted... so I said, "he's dead for sure, ditch him."

Bang: I heard him say that... At the time, I thought Braum had his shield on cooldown, but he had it available. On top of that, I was exhausted, so I thought that I was doing to die, too.

Faker: Despite the odds, he still killed the enemy ADC -- with 300 HP remaining.

How was Galio today, Faker?

Faker: I didn't do too much damage, so honestly speaking, it was quite boring.

Was the Galio pick a team decision?

Faker: Our team considered Galio to be the best choice. I wasn't able to perform as expected in game 1 and 2, so in game 3, I went in with a mindset of having to boldly initiate.

The games played today were a lot more fast-paced.

Faker: The laning phase of the midlane became a lot more boring though. But since teamfights happen a lot more frequently now, those who are watching should have a lot more fun.

Effort, today's match was very important -- a type of match that you've never played before. How nervous were you?

Effort: Everyone could've guessed, but I was very nervous -- and it showed on my performance. However, since I have that experience now, I think I can play a lot better next time.

Before Wolf was subbed-in, what conversation did you share with him?

Effort: Before playing today's match as the starting support, Wolf told me, "don't make me play today." But after losing game 2, I had no choice but to ask him to play. I also told him, "I'll do better next time."

Wolf told us that he can dominate any game as long as he plays jungle...

Blank: I often saw Wolf playing jungle in solo queue. I think he'll be a rising star.

Faker: In solo queue, there was a game where Blank faced Wolf in the jungle. If I remember correctly, Wolf won.

Blank: My winrate against him is about 50%.

You'll be facing KT Rolster next. 

Blank: Watching their recent games, I was impressed by KT. If we don't prepare well enough, it'll be a very tough match.

Many fans came to the stadium to watch today. Any final words regarding your next game?

Bang: Before game 3, I told Peanut, "I'll be leaving first," but we ended up taking another step towards the Finals. We'll be taking 3 more steps and reach the Finals. Thank you for cheering for us.

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