JAG UmTi: "I enjoy a playstyle of killing the enemy team without worrying about my teammates. So I really like this patch"

On the 7th of March, Jin Air Green Wings escaped relegations by defeating KDM with a score of 2-0.

During the game 1 of the series, JAG played out a stable laning phase in all 3 lanes, and along with that, UmTi's quick growth in the jungle allowed JAG to snowball from the early-game to take the win. KDM wasn't given a single opening, and the midlane Sion that was showcased yesterday by Kingzone didn't have quite an effect in this game.

JAG continued to dominate in game 2. As same as the previous game, JAG shook KDM by maintaining the lead throughout the entire set. KDM didn't just sit idle, but the focus of their damage, Xayah, was constantly marked by the enemy team, and Sejuani, the tank of the team, was far from being tanky enough to protect the team as needed. In the end, after securing the Baron buff, JAG completely destroyed KDM's base and took the win. 

Today's playmaker was UmTi. In both games 1 and 2, every time UmTi ganked, it resulted in either securing kills or pushing the enemy back - and he was awarded by being titled the sole MVP of this series. 

The following is the OGN post-match interview with UmTi and coach Sang-Cheol Kim.


JAG SoHwan: "Due to Banner of Command, the team that takes Baron will win about 90% of the time"

How do you feel about today's victory?

UmTi: I'm very happy because it's been a while since we've won. I'm also very happy that I've received the MVP title.

Coach Kim: With this win, we can let out a sigh of relief... plus, this coach interview is kind of sudden. (Laughs)

UmTi, you will be interviewed along with your coach today. Since you've experienced a lot of interviews in the past, give a word of advice to the coach!

UmTi: How dare I advise my coach... undoubtedly, he'll do good.

Between your coach and head coach, who's more comfortable to approach?

UmTi: Both of them are comfortable to approach.

Today, UmTi's family came to the stadium. We saw you doing a victory ceremony after the game. Were you aware of your family?

UmTi: I want to do victory ceremonies whenever I get the MVP title. Also, my family is here, so I didn't want to play badly.

As a coach, what do you think about UmTi's ceremony? 

Kim: After game 1, since we have another set remaining, I wanted him to calm down and focus on winning the next match - to make it a clean series. I'd really like him to be a little more concentrated when playing. 

UmTi: I might seem like a light and shallow person, but when playing, I'm very serious. I'm really sad that my coach doesn't have faith in me... I'm disappointed that he doesn't trust in his players. (Laughs)

If you were to rate today's match?

Kim: As one of the bottom teams, we beat another bottom team. Our performance is improving, and today, we played well. I'd really like for our team to maintain this momentum.

Coach Kim, you've been to NA, China, and many other places. When you first joined JAG, what part of the team did you want to focus on improving?

Kim: The reason I chose to coach JAG was that I thought the knowledge that accumulated in my head throughout my career could've been used to bring change to the team. However, I'm sad that I couldn't change the team to the point in which I wanted.

Today's match was your very first on patch 8.4. And with the patch, the jungler's role has become more important than ever. As a jungler, what's your opinion on the matter?

UmTi: It feels great. Since Sightstones have disappeared, the jungler's level 3-4 ganks have become a large threat. I enjoy a playstyle where I kill the enemy team without worrying about my teammates, so personally, I really like this patch.

The enemy team played strong compositions - they even brought out midlane Sion. 

Kim: They were indeed strong, but since our team was ahead of KDM in terms of skill, I knew that we were able to play well into it. We won, safely.

KDM played compositions that countered JAG's midlaner. What order did you give to Grace?

Kim: I anticipated dangerous situations to occur in the midlane, and we actually saw those situations happen during practice. I did tell him to try his best to stay alive even if that situation is to arise, but it's unfortunate that he gave over a kill.

Was there a moment today, in which you think you'll receive feedback from the coach on?

UmTi: In game 1, my timing of summoning the Rift Herald was really off. So during the game, I thought, "I'm going to be scolded for this..." In the end, we just shared feedback among the players and didn't think too much of it.

In game 1, you took a quick dragon at level 4. Were you planning to do this from the start?

UmTi: I analyzed and figured out the enemy jungler's playstyle. I predicted that Raise won't pay too much attention to the dragon at that time since he really enjoys ganking. I was wondering what jungle route to take to take the lead, and through taking objectives, we won.

What do you think about jungle Volibear? He received a buff on this patch.

UmTi: Coach told me that Volibear has a high winrate over in NA and recommended me to try him. I played about 3 games with him and decided to seal him away. I mean... maybe I'll bring him out on stage.

What's the strongest card in patch 8.4?

Kim: Everyone already knows the best champions and items, so there's nothing special to talk about.

Any last words for the fans?

UmTi: We don't know if we'll be able to climb the leaderboards on our own [instead of other teams losing], but we'll do our best regardless. A lot of our fans were disappointed in us, but we'll perform better so that they won't be.

Kim: While on our losing streak, the players did a lot of preparing. I can see them improving in practice, but that same performance isn't being shown on stage... so I feel very sorry in that regard. We'll do our best to show better performance from now on.

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