JAG SoHwan: "Due to Banner of Command, the team that takes Baron will win about 90% of the time"

On the 7th of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 32nd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, Jin Air Green Wings had a clean game against Kongdoo Monsters - taking the series with a score of 2-0. SoHwan played Cho'Gath and Ornn during the series and was a reliable tank.

The following is the post-match interview of SoHwan.


JAG UmTi: "I enjoy a playstyle of killing the enemy team without worrying about my teammates. So I really like this patch"

Your team has finally brought an end to its losing streak. How do you feel?

I'm really happy that we won. But we still have a long way to go, so we'll get out emotions in check.

What kind of feedback did you guys receive during the losing streak?

We didn't receive any strong feedback. Instead, we were told to settle down during games and play calmly. We're much better in practice than on stage, and it's because we can't stay calm.

Cho'Gath has been seeing a lot of play recently. What's his strongest point?

In the mid-game, Cho'Gath's feast is stronger than the jungler's Smite, so he's great for applying pressure around Baron. His laning phase is also on the good side, so overall, he's a fine champion.

In game 2, you guys took Baron out at 21 minutes. Was it a strategy that was prepared before the match?

We were initially planning to take down Baron early, but since the game was going so well for us, we took it down even earlier.

What's the biggest change that patch 8.4 brought?

Thanks to the Banner of Command, the team that takes Baron wins about 90% of the time. The chance of an upset happening is near 0. The game just ends with one swoop. It's become harder for teams that are behind to make a comeback.

That's why I think smite wars have become even more important. Are UmTi's smites dependable?

It's not bad. (Laughs) However, it's correct to not take the Baron if the enemy jungler hasn't been marked. 

There's a lot of rumors that JAG's team atmosphere is really good. Who talks the most in the team?

We're always told to calm down and keep quiet, but regardless, we're always really loud. (Laughs) Back then, UmTi and Teddy were the loudest ones, but now, the two midlaners in our team are. I feel like Justice is the loudest.

What's your opinion on Swain? ADD had shown some great plays on him recently.

In my opinion, I don't think he's that great. It just seemed like that because ADD played really well. I think he's really experienced on that champion. In the way in which he positioned himself in teamfights... any champion can do good in that scenario.

Your next opponent is Team MVP. Are you confident?

It'll be important for us to stay calm to make no mistakes. We really have to do well in our remaining games... For our team, remaining calm is the most important. If we're able to control this, I think we can beat any team.

Today, KDM utilized midlane Sion. Was it a pick that you were expecting?

I knew that it was a possible pick, but I didn't think they'd pick him so confidently. In the early-game, Sion is really good, but he starts losing a lot of his power as the game progresses.

Is there an OP toplane champion in patch 8.4?

I don't think there's a champion that I'd put into S-tier category. Also, Sion is just a really good champion for first-picking, he's not really overpowered in any way. I feel like there's no specific toplane champion that's too strong in this patch.

Any last words?

I want to thank all the fans that are cheering for us. We'll do our best to improve and do better in our remaining games. 

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