Warcraft 3 Invitational Patch tournament leaked -- Grubby, Insomnia, Madfrog, Tak3r and more!

EDIT: The full information of the tournament has now been officially revealed.

In the flurry of new patch Information, the following  Warcraft 3 Reddit thread was posted and very quickly deleted.

The URL to the post was as follows:

The link does not work, however, it appears to be evidence of an invitational tournament to celebrate and kick off the new patch.

As of releasing this news, no additional information on the tournament is available. More on this story as it develops.

EDIT: The following information was given by an anonymous source who managed to click on the link before it was deleted:

We can finally unveil all the secrecy and speculation that’s been in the community the last couple of weeks - and we are excited to do so!

Old legends, Grubby, Insomnia, Tak3r and MaDFroG will all participate in the event that there have been many rumors about in the community. The event is a tournament celebrating the upcoming launch of patch 1.29, which contains a ton of hero balancing and the promised Ladder Version mappool.

Oldschool lineup. left to right: Tak3r, Insomnia, MaDFroG, Grubby Together with the retired players, we can look forward to seeing four Korean players (ReMinD, Lyn, FoCuS and LawLiet) as well as four Western players (Happy, Foggy, HawK and Effe

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