SKT Faker on the Losing Streak: "I had a hard time, I even lost weight."

On the 7th of February (KST), in the 17th day of 2018 LCK Spring Split, SKT T1 defeated bbq Olivers 2-1 and finally put a stop to their losing streak.

Although SKT T1 gave up game 2 in a 74 minute match, they won games 1 and 3 with concentration and collected the valuable victory over bbq Olivers. Especially, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok used the Unsealed Spellbook on Kassadin to perform well and was voted MVP in game 3.

The following is the interview with SKT T1 mid laner Faker.

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Q. It’s been a while since you won. How do you feel?

We’re finally out of our losing streak. With the confidence gained today, we’ll be playing more confidently in future matches.

Q. There was a 4-game losing streak before, but it’s the first time having a 5-game losing streak. It must have been the hardest time of your career?

I think the other players had a hard time too because we haven’t lost so much before. Personally, I also had a hard time, I even lost weight. But no one expressed that on the outside at the team house. I think we were able to win because we concentrated on our feedback and did our best. During the losing streak, there were many small mistakes and shotcalls were divided among the players. We tried hard to reduce our mistakes.

Q. Many fans were questioning picks & bans during the losing streak. How is it controlled?

We had feedback on each game about picks & bans, about which combination having a certain style. I think picks & bans is important but feedback on our plays is more important.

Q. Fans are saying that you’re more aggressive than before. You’re initiating teamfights more often than before.

It wasn’t because I’m falling under pressure, but I only initiate when the team needs to fight. I often initiate when I think my decision is the earliest. Before, there weren’t many initiation mid lane champions, but now there are quite many.

Q. There was another long game that went over 70 minutes. Do you have this kind of long games often in scrims?

In the current meta, there are many defending mid lane champions in the current meta. And at top and jungle, the champions that are picked aren’t that aggressive, so I think that’s why long matches are more frequent than before.

Q. Your next match is against KSV. How do you think it will go?

I think it will be a difficult match, but we’re still fixing our problems. It is a short time, but if we fix a lot, we can win.

Q. There are different combinations of players. What do you think of that?

We have quite a lot of players on the roster, but I think we didn’t plan to change the members this frequently. I think coach kkOma tried different things in the bad situation and I think it was good change that was needed.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

We did have a 5-game losing streak, but there’s still many matches left. I’ll do my best to reach the playoffs.

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