SKT Blossom: "kkOma told me to show everything that I can show."

SKT T1, after hitting rock bottom, started their way back up.

On the 7th of February (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split Day 17 match, SKT T1 finally escaped from their 5-game losing streak. SKT T1 started rookie jungler Blossom instead of Blank today and they defeated bbq Olivers 2-1 and collected their second win of the season.

Today, SKT T1 played quite aggressively compared to their previous matches by taking objectives very actively. In the middle of this change of style, there was rookie jungler Blossom. Although he showed lack of experience from time to time, he played well and stirred up bbq’s positions during teamfights to lead the team to victory.

Faker also swept through the Rift in game 3 with Kassadin. His Kassadin had a bad win rate recently, but he collected 5 kills and was voted MVP.

The following is the interview of Blossom and Faker by OGN.

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Q. You finally got out of your losing streak. How do you feel?

Faker: Before coming here, I thought ‘will we be able to win?’ When we have scrims, our results aren’t that bad but we kept on losing so we lost a lot of confidence. Fortunately, we won today, so we gained a bit of confidence back.

Q. (To Blossom) It’s your debut today, weren’t you nervous?

Blossom: If I get nervous, I get to think more while I play, so I thought that it would be better for me. I don’t think I did that well today. I want to play better next time. Actually, I was going to pretend that I wasn’t nervous but I was really really nervous. (Laughs)

Q. You contributed to the team on breaking the losing streak and got voted MVP as well. How do you feel?

B: I think this is the happiest day of my life.

Q. (To Faker) Blossom is so happy, what do you think of him?

F: He is kind of naive and pure. (Q. Then does that mean that you’re not pure anymore?) I’ve lost it all. (Laughs)

Q. You must have gone through a hard time with the losing streak. What did you talk about with the coaching staff?

F: We focused on feedback after matches and said ‘let’s do better next time.’ The losing streak went longer than we thought so we all tried to put in more effort.

Q. You played Jax in game 1 and got MVP. The early ganking was really good. How was it?

B: I saw the opponent jungler for a moment and saw a good time to gank the bottom lane. After I saw him recall, I called for the bottom duo and we were able to kill the ADC.

Q. Both teams selected Azir as the first pick. How is Azir?

F: The other mid lane champions were nerfed in the 8.2 update. If about 3 champions are banned, it’s easier to play Azir. I think picks & bans go this way because the mid lane is the most important in the game.

Q. Near the end of game 1, you backdoored bbq’s twin towers. Who made that call?

B: When I heard that they were action at the bottom lane, I said “Since the mid wave is almost there, I’ll go in and hit the twins.” and went in. My teammates stalled the opponents a lot so I was able to do that. It’s a bummer that I wasn’t able to demolish both. (Laughs)

Q. How was game 2?

F: I thought to myself about the Jin Air match before. It was really hard to hold out; maybe because we’re not Jin Air. (Laughs) After losing 3 inhibitors and giving up Baron, I thought that it will be really hard to win. It’s regretful though, that we didn’t fight with confidence before that happened.

Q. In game 2, Blossom was like a wild animal.

B: I enjoy playing assassin champions that come out of nowhere to surprise the enemy. I’m also confident in playing in that style. Coach kkOma told me to show everything that I can show, so I played like in scrims. If I just died a few times less, I think we would have won.

Q. What do you think Blossom’s strength is?

F: Like I said before, he’s naive and pure. It seems that he plays without thinking in game, but that often brings good results. He knows by instinct when to initiate.

Q. You were voted MVP with Kassadin in game 3. Was there good results with Kassadin during practice?

F: That’s a secret, I can’t say. Anyways, I did lose with Kassadin a few times but I don’t really mind the record. I thought Kassadin had the best chance of winning so I picked him. The team combination was also very aggressive so I was able to play well with Kassadin.

Q. When you tried to gank mid lane in game 3, you died to Azir. What happened?

B: I got called by Faker and I went in after checking Azir’s mana. But he suddenly gained a level and retrieved mana through Presence of Mind, so I died.

F: I called for him about 20 seconds before, he was late and he came and died to him. I had a hard time after that. (Laughs)

Q. Wolf was very emotional after the win.

F: I didn’t look around, so I don’t know, but coach kkOma was really happy. He said “We’re champions!” when he came in.

Q. Fans are saying SKT T1 has revived, and you’ll be bouncing back up. What do you think?

F: SKT T1 hasn’t revived yet, we’re still in the dirt trying to dig ourselves out.

Q. Any words to the fans?

B: Umm.. (Stalls for a long time) I’ll do my best. (Laughs)

F: It’s such a shame that we had bad results up to now, but we’ll try harder and have a winning streak now.

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