ROX Key: "I would have thought that the MVP vote is a fraud if I don’t get it."

ROX Tigers defeated KSV 2-1 on the 6th of February (KST) in the 2018 LCK Spring Split. With the outstanding synergy between top laner Lindarang and jungler SeongHwan, ROX took game 1. Ambition was substituted to Haru and KSV took game 2, but with perfect team balance, ROX again took game 3 and confirmed their victory over KSV.

After the match, Lindarang and Key were voted as MVP and they were interviewed by SPOTV.

※ Some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.

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Q. You won against KSV today. How do you feel?

Lindarang: I didn’t know that we’ll win, so I’m really happy that we won.

Q. There are many top laners who are performing well recently, like Khan and Kiin. Do you feel any rivalry?

L: Yes, all top laners are playing so well, I sometimes worry that I might be the worst among them, so I practice harder.

Q. The team seems to trust you by saying you’re the one who’ll become a world star of the top laners.

L: I think it’s an excessive compliment. (Q. How about today?) Well, today I think I did pretty well, not world star though, maybe star candy. (Laughs)

Q. (To Key) It’s the first time you got MVP this split. How do you feel?

Key: After game 3, I would have thought that the MVP vote is a fraud if I don’t get it. (Laughs)

Q. Your Tahm Kench was really good. How did you play it?

K: Lava said to keep an eye on him. He said that he’ll be playing aggressively and told Sangyoon to be in the back. Unexpectedly, that went really well, so I continued to concentrate on Lava. After Sangyoon bought Guardian Angel, I really concentrated only on Lava.

Q. (To Lindarang) You had a solo kill against CuVee today.

L: I was hiding and CuVee came there. It was luck.

Q. It’s your first time as a starting member this season. Do you feel much pressure?

L: I did at first, so I thought that I should practice harder.

Q. (To Key) You played very well in previous games even though you didn’t get MVP. Is that because your sister came to watch?

K: Having a family member cheer me at the scene does give me a lot of courage to do better. Sometimes it gives me pressure, though. Before, whenever a family member came, I lost, but today we won. I’ll do my best to win whenever they come.

Q. A word to your sister then?

K: Thanks for coming whenever you have time. It’s cold, so watch out not to catch a cold, thanks!

Q. Today was a difficult match, you did well.

L: Before, I didn’t do very well. I’ll try to deliver good performance from now on.

Q. ROX is getting ready to take off, you beat KSV today. A word to the fans?

K: We won’t be careless in the next match and do our best. Thank you.

L: I’ll become a top laner that doesn’t bring shame to the LCK. We’ll continue to win in the upcoming matches.

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