ROX Lava on the Glitch: "I've never seen such thing happen."

Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon said that he never experienced such glitch about getting stuck in the side of the map in game 3.

On the 6th of February, ROX Tigers beat KSV with a score of 2-1 in Day 16 of the 2018 LCK Spring Split. Lava delivered outstanding performance in the match and contributed to the team victory. Meanwhile, near the end of game 3, his Azir got stuck after being spat out from Tahm Kench.

The following is the interview with ROX Tigers Lava.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

We were on a losing streak. We really needed the win to turn around the atmosphere. I’m happy because we escaped the losing streak and beat one of the favorites.

Q. How did you prepare the match against KSV?

They’re a team that is strong with the basic skills of the game. We thought that we shouldn’t be trailing in the small parts. We practiced a lot on planning precisely about what we need to do.

Q. Are you satisfied with your teammates’ performance?

In game 3, the whole team played very well.

Q. There was a glitch in game 3, you got stuck in the wall.

I was really frustrated and I asked to pause the game after just standing there numb for a few seconds. I was stuck between Taliyah’s ultimate and the wall after Tahm Kench spat me out. I've never seen such thing happen. (Laughs) Key came up with the idea of swallowing and spitting me back out. When I was stuck, I wasn’t even able to recall.

Q. You lost game 2. How was it?

In game 2, SeongHwan and I made a few mistakes in the mid-jungle fights. I think we lost because of that.

Q. You’re playing as a starting member recently. Has anything changed?

There wasn’t a lot of time to prepare myself last year, so I wasn’t really ready, and I was really nervous. Now I think I’m really developing because I’m learning the team game more. I’m also less nervous. I’m still adapting though.

Q. Many are saying that your solo queue is really good.

Being good in solo queue is only the bottom steps of becoming a professional gamer. Being skilled in the team game is a lot more important for pro gamers.

Q. Your nex t match is against Jin Air Green Wings.

Grace is really good, too. I will stay tense and prepare the match well.

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