AFs Kramer: "Our next opponent is SKT, but we're confident"

On the 31st, the 12th day of the LCK Spring Split began. Atop the Seoul OGN eStadium, Afreeca Freecs defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. Kramer displayed near perfect teamwork with TusiN, the player that won the MVP title for both games 1 and 2. With Ezreal, he was a force to be reckoned with.

The following is Kramer's interview after the match.

You're now on a winning streak. How do you feel?

This is our first consecutive win this season. It feels great.

TusiN received both MVP titles for the series. Are you disappointed that you didn't receive any?

During the 1st set, anyone could've received it because they all played well. For game 2, I knew TusiN would receive it - he deserved it.

You guys had used a surprise pick in the form of Leona. Why?

Our team's composition lacked CC. So we all agreed that Leona would be a good pick.

TusiN has recently been receiving a lot of praise. How do you rate him as his partner?

Personally, I felt that he started playing well since last year. I think he's the best support in Korea at the moment.

How do you rate your own play?

Honestly speaking, I felt that I lacked a lot of skills when playing against the top teams. But when we played against KSV, I felt that my plays weren't that bad. I gained some confidence after that match.

You purchased the 'Locket of the Iron Solari'. Why?

I had 2,200 gold, and it had more MR and shield than 'Hexdrinker'. After seeing my purchase, my team asked me if I'm sane. (Laughs)

Your next opponent is SKT T1. Are you confident for the matchup?

Our botlane is much stronger than last season, so I'm confident enough to hold our own against theirs. Plus, taking down SKT will give us a 3rd consecutive win. We'll be even more confident.

During this season, AFs showed multiple new champion picks and unique item builds. Are the ideas coming from the coaching staff?

We didn't talk to our coaching staff about it. The champions and item build come from us, the players - and we're pretty adamant about it. (Laughs)

Any last words?

I'm always thankful for our coaches and staff. Also, I want to thank the fans for coming, despite the cold weather. Very recently, I received a very long letter from a fan, and it gave me motivation, motivation to do better.

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