AFs TusiN: "I believe that every champion in the game could be used as a great support"

Afreeca Freecs had quite an easy time defeating bbq Olivers. In game 1, the Freecs' botlane proved themselves to be superior over bbq, and took the victory without losing their lead, once. In game 2, TusiN's Leona took the spotlight. Throughout the game, he displayed on point skillshot accuracy and led his team. At the end of the series, TusiN received the MVP titles for both games 1 and 2. 

The following is TusiN's post-match interview after the series.

How do you feel after that victory?

I'm very happy that we were able to win 2-0.

You have often shown great performance - but have received no MVP titles until now. Were you disappointed that you didn't receive any until today?

I focus more on winning the actual match than receiving MVP titles. But I do think that OGN likes Kuro.

Support players rarely receive both MVP titles for a series. 

Supports have a hard time receiving the title, but today, out of the 5 players... the other players didn't really make any eye-catching play. I think that's why I received it.

The enemy picked Morgana support in game 1. It was unexpected, right?

She's actually a good pick for playing against Alistar, but she's a pretty passive champion, so I had a lot of freedom to move around. I think that's why I was able to consistently make plays throughout the game.

In game 1, it wouldn't have been a surprise for anyone on your team to have received the MVP title. But in game 2, your Leona plays were really something else - it was nearly flawless. Were her practice results good?

I believe that every champion in the game could be used as a great support... Leona alike.

Fans become roused when they see an aggressive pick like Leona. Is she a good pick?

She's a very aggressive champion, and she's great for clean engages. Games involving Leona get quite messy due to constant fights. Picking her once in a while isn't bad. 

Both teams, bbq and AFs, have used Zoe to good use in the past. Today, however, none of you used her. 

Both teams enjoy using Zoe, so both teams probably had a backup card to use against her. 

Two 'Knight's Vow' and 3 'Locket of the Iron Solari' were built.. who made the calls to build those items?

Our team is very open to item builds. 

We thought that as long as we avoided being one-shot by Vlad, that we would win all the teamfights... Having 3 Solaris provide enough shield to match the survivability of 'Guardian Angel'. 

I didn't think that we'd lose the game, so I told them to do whatever they want.

Gangplank went for the "Grasp of the Undying' rune over "Kleptomancy'. 

Kiin is really good on Gangplank, so we allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Kramer built Locket of the Iron Solari... as his support player, isn't that kind of... odd?

I let out a sigh and told him, "do whatever you want." He understood my tone, probably. He tends to listen to me and follow me.

AFs met a lot of strong teams early on in the Spring Split. Are all the players in the team really confident now - to play against anyone?

Our team tries their absolute best to win against anyone. Facing strong teams early on was more of a plus for us than something detrimental.

As his support player, can you give a word to Kramer?

Kramer, you need to improve! Let's try our best!

Any final words for your fans?

Thank you for once again cheering for us. We'll continue to prepare to win more. We'll only walk down the path to victory. Thank you.

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