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KSV CoreJJ: "I think Taric is better than Braum ... He has good synergy with Tristana."


On the 30th of January (KST), KSV defeated MVP 2-0 in the 2018 LCK Spring Split. KSV won game 1 with ease but had a hard time early in game 2. However, they took the victory with outstanding skill connections and teamfight concentration. Especially, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in's Taric protected the team with his well-timed ultimate and contributed to the team’s victory.

Below is the interview with CoreJJ.

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Q. You won again after losing last match. How do you feel?

I don’t know how last game’s loss will affect the remaining season, but I think we learned a lot from last match.

Q. What do you think the problem was against Kongdoo Monster (KDM)?

KDM played very aggressively and we weren’t able to deal with the situation properly.

Q. What did you focus on for today’s match?

We thought that being aggressive like KDM was effective. We practiced making aggressive plays.

Q. The bottom lane was Tristana-Taric in both games today. Is there a reason?

I can’t say it’s the best combination, but the synergy between the two champions is very good.

Q. Both teams didn’t ban Braum nor play him.

I personally think Taric is better [than Braum]. I think MVP picked Tahm Kench because it’s good against Taric and is advantageous in macro.

Q. Taric often uses ‘Tear of the Goddess’, why is that?

If Taric doesn’t allow enough damage to die, it’s alright to use ‘Tears of the Goddess’.

Q. How do you think the match will go against bbq Olivers?

The often deliver good performance, so we’ll prepare well to win.

Q. 4K is on top of LCK. What do you think?

Up to today, the four teams are the strongest in the league, but I want to be the favorites just before Worlds rather than now.

Q. Do you have anything left to say?

Today’s match was very difficult. If every match is difficult, I wish we can always win.


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