KSV CuVee on Orn: "You'll never know until the patch comes."

The 2018 LCK Spring Split match between MVP and KSV took place on the 30th of January (KST). KSV defeated MVP 2-0 and returned to first place with their 4th victory. Although their winning streak ended as they lost to Kongdoo Monsters, but with Ambition coming back from being sick and their strong teamwork, KSV again established a base for another winning streak.

Top laner CuVee played Orn in both games to cut the opponent’s flow and initiate teamfights. Ambition stole MVP’s Baron in an urgent situation to turn the unfavorable situation around and displayed spectacular CC connections. The two were selected as MVP for today’s match.

The following is SPOTV’s interview of CuVee and Ambition.

※ Contents unrelated to the game were omitted and some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.

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Q. (To Ambition) Many fans were worried about you being sick and being unable to play last match. Are you alright now?

Ambition: I went to the hospital. I took medicine and had diet management so I’m alright now.

Q. In the last match, you weren’t playing and KSV had their first loss. What do you think?

A: The team wasn’t in a good condition last match. We lost because the opponent was quite strong. I think it’s a good opportunity to learn more.

Q. (To CuVee) Recently, PraY said that “CuVee is a professional traveler; he went to the All-Star Event with 1 pair of socks.” What do you think?

CuVee: (Laughs) It wasn’t a long stay and since they provided the clothes for the event, I didn’t carry much. I took two pairs of socks.

Q. Orn will be changed in the next patch. How do you think it will be?

C: You’ll never know until the patch comes. Even champions that had bad evaluations show up. I don’t think Orn will be that bad up to now.

Q. Recently many fans are saying 4K (KSV, Kingzone, kt, Kongdoo) is on top of LCK. Especially, KSV is good at macro and has good basic skills. What do you think?

C: In competitions, any team can be good and bad. We may be good now, but we’ll never know when we will fall.

A: Recently, all teams are up to a certain level; with a few mistakes, strong teams can be defeated by underdogs. I think we’ll have to see after the 1st round is over.

Q. You stole Baron in game 2. Can you explain that situation?

A: We thought that since MVP took many dragons, if we lost this, then it would be dangerous. The opponents were positioned near Baron, so it was pretty easy to steal; they made a mistake with their Smite so we were also a bit lucky to steal it.

Q. Lastly, can you say something to the fans?

C: It’s early in the season and we still have a lot of matches left. I’ll stay alert and do my best to win in all remaining matches.

A: I think maintaining a steady pace is the most important. We’ll keep our mental stable even if we lose and take the long view.


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