KDM Ssol: "We trust Raise and rely a lot on him."

On January 27th, KDM defeated KSV 2-0. With the odds in the favor of KSV 88-12, not much anticipated KDM’s victory. KDM displayed outstanding teamwork and were strong enough to defeat KSV. Especially, Seo “Ssol” Jin-sol killed Crown’s Syndra and contributed on the big comeback.

The following is the interview with Ssol.

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Q. It was a big match. How do you feel?

Before we played against KSV, we had 2 losses. We weren’t performing well recently, but I’m happy that we changed.

Q. Did you prepare anything special for KSV?

Nothing much; we thought that we can win if we do what we have to do.

Q. In game 1, your champions were very aggressive. Why was that?

After watching other teams’ games and experiencing this combination in scrims, we found out that it was really good, so we decided to use it.

Q. You seem confident in playing Ezreal.

It’s easy to take my share in laning phase, and still good in teamfights. Ezreal is an all-around champion.

Q. Ezreal was nerfed in 8.2. What do you think?

The damage became really weak in the early game. I don't think he'll be good anymore. I think other champions will be better to play.

Q. Can you explain the last situation in game 2?

All my other teammates died and I saw that Syndra was alone. I thought that if I killed her, we might have a chance. There was Tahm Kench nearby, so I was worried, but fortunately I was able to kill Syndra.

Q. KDM is doing well compared to other seasons. What do you think?

It’s really good compared to last year. Our coach gives us specific feedbacks and that brings positive results. We have many discussions too.

Q. It seems like Raise brought positive aspects to the team.

Our scrim results aren’t very good, so Raise had a hard time. We trust Raise and rely a lot on him.

Q. Lastly, do you have anything left to say?

The next match is against JAG, and recently Teddy is doing really well. I’ll be preparing well and win that match as well.

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