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KDM Edge: "Coach Chun may be harsh, but if I'm not doing well, I need to be scolded."


On Saturday (KST), despite the odds, KDM shut out KSV 2-0. In game 1, KDM continued to dig into the weaknesses of KSV and dominated the game. In the following game 2, they were trailing, but turned the game around and gave KSV their first loss.

After the match, Raise and Edge were picked as MVPs. The following is the interview of Raise and Edge.

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Q. The odds were 88-12 in KSV’s favor, but you won. How do you feel?

Raise: I think we won because we played well as we prepared.

Edge: Before, we lost doing nothing, so we tried to do something even if we lose, and I think that’s why we’re playing better.

Q. Coach Chun is known for his harsh way of giving feedbacks. Does it help?

R: I’ve known that from when I was in JAG, and some players don’t like it, but I think it’s all for my own good. I’m alright with it. He may be harsh, but if I’m not doing well, I need to be scolded.

Q. After the win, Coach Chun looked as if you won the championship. What did he say?

E: He said that we won game 1 because it was well prepared, but game 2 was really a matter of skill, and that he was happy that we won.

Q. How was practicing for game 1?

R: When we were practicing, we concentrated on talking about who will start the fight. We weren’t sure who will be the first to dive, but now we start talking about who will initiate from about a minute before the fight.

E: We argue a lot because our style is quite different, but that leads to discussions and through the discussions, we become more of a team.

Q. Galio is being picked more now. You played with the Electrocute rune. How is it?

E: Electrocute Galio is really strong now. It’s strong in the early-mid game and with the Electrocute rune, even if I’m holding tank items, the damage is like dps champions.

Q. It seemed like your teamwork was really good in game 1 at teamfights.

R: Vladimir called that he will go in, so I followed him in.

E: They called for Galio to come too, so I went right in.

Q. Edge is really good with Zoe now, the team picked Zoe first. How is it?

E: When Zoe first came out, and everyone was saying Zoe was broken, I was really bad at Zoe and the teammates really didn’t like me playing her. So I practiced Zoe a lot.

R: At first, we didn’t like it when Zoe was in the opponent team, but we hated it more when Zoe was on our team. (Laughs) Now we can trust him to play Zoe.

Q. In game 2, you lost a few monsters in the jungle?

R: It was all smites. I gave up some monsters but I was confident to catch up in the level so it was alright.

Q. In team fights, Raise and Secret were up front and were getting hit constantly.

R: I push forward trusting our dps champions but I think I get hit too much.

E: Raise tends to go in more than we want him to, (Laughs) but I think it’s better than not going in.

Q. After losing the teamfight in game 2, Ssol killed Syndra. Was it his decision?

R: After the teamfight, we thought that we lost already, and started giving feedbacks to each other. Even when Ssol killed Syndra, we thought that we lost, because our base was getting demolished. When I revived, we saw that we can block them. I died too early in the previous teamfight, so that was rather a good thing for us.

Q. You defeated KSV 2-0. How do you think your team will do?

R: When we were practicing, it was hard because KSV is such a good team, and we had a lot to learn from them. I think we’re capable of doing well since we beat such a good team. (Stalls) We’ll be aiming for the championship.

E: Before today’s match, we sometimes lost by making mistakes even though we’re capable of doing well. Now that we have won against KSV, we’ll try to stay confident and do well in the following games. Thank you.


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