KT PawN: "We often lose to KSV and KZ in scrims, but it'll be different onstage"

On the 26th, on the 2nd series of the 8th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split, KT Rolster defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-1. PawN added security and stability to the team and contributed to his team's victory. 

The following is an interview done with KT's midlaner, PawN.

You've scored a 3-win streak on your birthday! How do you feel?

Last year, our results weren't too good, and we failed to qualify for Worlds. For this Season, I wanted us to take a lot of 2-0 victories, so it was a bit disappointing that we won with 2-1. Especially in game 2, I should've performed better.

As the Split is progressing, KT's fast playstyle seems to be coming back. Exactly what is allowing your team to play such fast games in the current meta?

During player feedback, we accurately pinpoint the problem. Due to that, I think our performance is increasing over time.

What made you guys lose game 2?

While I had the lead, I needed to have helped the other laners - but I wasn't able to.

You displayed safe and reliable plays on Ryze. Do you have other champions that you've been preparing?

I want to show a good performance on Zoe. I am confident with her, but it was really disappointing to have started off the official matches with a loss.

It might be because of the meta, but KT's focus on macro management seems to be on the top-side of the map.

It's because of the current meta that's pushing botlane to only farm CS - it's inevitable. But we're strong in that regard so it's nothing to worry about.

Your next opponent is Jin Air Green Wings, a team that's known to play drawn-out games. Will your team maintain its fast playstyle for them as well?

Since we'll be playing against them in the current patch, we'll really have to try our best to break through their defense. If that proves difficult, we'll also use a turtling composition.

The structure of the team seems much more solid now. How is the teamwork?

No matter what the meta favors, mid-jungle synergy is the most important. Score and I have been improving our teamwork, and it allowed us to more easily take leads during games.

I believe that your victory against SKT in your last series helped your team get back in high spirit. How do you feel in regards to that?

Many teams defeated SKT last year, but we couldn't. 

We were finally able to defeat the team that we couldn't for over a year. I feel like we broke through a large wall that we couldn't in the past. 

You still have your games against the two big candidates to win the Spring Split, KSV and KZ. What kind of game do you expect from them?

In scrims, we often lose to KSV and KZ. But it'll be different onstage, as playing in scrims and playing on stage is completely different. If we refine our playstyle more, I think we can defeat them.

Any final words?

We won with a score of 2-1, but it's better than losing. We'll continue to improve and secure more 2-0 victories. We'll try our absolute best to take down both KZ and KSV.

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