KT Deft: "Our goal wasn't to defeat SKT once. We'll keep on winning and become the Spring Champions"

bbq Olivers came in strong, but they weren't enough to stop the winners of the Telecom War, KT Rolster.

On the 26th of January, KT faced off against BBQ and displayed near flawless teamfights and macro management. In the end, KT took the series with a score of 2-1. In game 1, Mata played Ornn in the botlane and had fans question on whether if he's playing support or carry. In game 3, Deft showed monstrous performance on Ezreal and led his team to victory.

Not only have KT defeated their forever rival, SKT, but they have started on a win-streak - a great birthday gift for PawN. 

The following is the interview of the two players who have won the MVP title, Mata and Deft.

(To Mata) Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Mata: Not by much. I'm just happy that we won.

(To Mata) In game 2, your team's draft and plays were rather questionable. 

Mata: Since our team had a few long-ranged champions, we were trying to go for the late-game, and it led us to play passively. It might've turned better if we had played more offensively... we only focused on farming, and the game went badly for us.

(To Deft) After defeating SKT, you became quite emotional and shed tears. did you receive any "don't cry!" or "cheer up!" messages from the fans?

Deft: Not really. But I did hear from a fan that he or she cried with me.

(To Deft) In game 3, your Ezreal acted completely on his own - playing around the map independently.

Deft: In games 1 and 2, the laning phase didn't work out too great for me. But in game 3, it did, and it motivated me to play more actively and proactively.

(To Mata) Yesterday was coach Jung's birthday, and today is PawN's. It's a special day - do you have any messages to give to them?

Mata: I personally don't find birthdays to be an important day. But it could be meaningful for other people, so I'd like to tell them to: have the mentality that you've restarted your life, and make new resolutions for yourself.

(To Both) Up until last year, your team's name was in lower case letters (kt Rolster). But this year, it changed to capital letters! What difference did it make?

Deft: It might be because of our in-game name, but I feel stronger.

Mata: I don't know. I don't really pay too much attention to my in-game name. KZ or KSV looks and sounds more powerful than the friendly and familiar KT...

(To Mata) I've heard that the people around you are very good with their words and have unique personalities. However, I've also heard that in comparison, your individuality kind of gets overshadowed.

Mata: It's not that I lack individuality, but it's all those people are so unique. My teammates are almost "crazy" in regards to being unique. 

(To Mata) Is there a trait that you want to take from them?

Mata: Not from anyone in the team currently.  I want coach Lee Ji-Hoon's sense of humor. (Laughs)

(To Mata) Do you have anything to say to coach Lee that's left for KSV?

Mata: KT will always be waiting for you. Come back whenever you want to.

(To Deft) Do you also miss coach Lee?

Deft: Yes.

(To Deft) To you, Mata is...

Deft: A teacher? It's been about a year since we've been working together, and I'm still learning a lot of things from him - only in-game things.

(To Mata) To you, Deft is...

Mata: I've been watching over Deft for 6 years. At the early stage of his career, his playstyle involved thinking a lot and dodging the enemies' attacks. He has been turning into a more aggressive player. I think he's turning aggressive both in-game and outside of the game - kind of like an Alpaca. (Laughs)

(To Both) Smeb has become the team captain. What's changed?

Deft: Since the position requires a lot of responsibility, Smeb's friendly and light image turned heavier.

Mata: He's become more human. (Laughs)

(To Both) Stopwatch is very prominent in the current meta. What're your opinions regarding it?

Mata: Early-game, stopwatch; late-game, turtle - the current meta is quite annoying. Stopwatch is really important in the early-game, and it can give a couple of champions a very hard time. Gangplank's early-game is weak, but he's having an easier time in lane with the item.

(To Both) Any final words for the fans?

Deft: Our goal wasn't to defeat SKT once. We'll keep on winning and become the Spring champions.

Mata: My goal is to consistently practice with Deft and make good results. Please cheer for us.

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