KZ GorillA: "Through the addition of Peanut, our team's shotcalling saw improvement"

On the 26th of January, 'Kingzone DragonX' secured their third win of the LCK Spring Split by taking down SKT T1 with a score of 2-0. In game 1, the match was drawn-out, and it was a close fight. However, with one teamfight, KZ was instantly able to bring the game to an end. In game 2, Khan exerted monstrous performance, as he held his own against both the enemy toplaner and jungler, alone - allowing a quick victory for his team.

The following is an interview with the two players who have won the MVP title for today's series, Khan and GorillA. 

(To GorillA) During the teamfights in game 1, you made many important plays. Were you proud of them?

GorillA: In the early-game, I was caught out quite a bit, so I was feeling bad for my teammates. In the end, however, things turned out great. I think we were able to reach late-game thanks to PraY - I want to tell him that he did a great job.

(To GorillA) Currently, in the LCK, you have the highest amount of assists, and it's sitting at 3034. How did you get so many?

GorillA: There really isn't a specific method, but rather, every team that I've played for tended to play long games. I think that's why I have so many assists and deaths. 

(To GorillA) Peanut has once again joined you on your team. What're your opinions of him?

GorillA: He doesn't really feel "new" because I've played with him before. However, I think he grew more mature... maybe he went through too many troubles, he kind of looks old now... (Laughs) 

(To Khan) Your hairstyle changed.

Khan: A lot of people have been saying that my sideburns became really messy, so I made a visit to the barbershop.

(To Khan) We saw how your keyboard was missing the 'enter' key.

Khan: When I first pulled it off intentionally, it made it harder for me to perfectly fit it back in. So I just carry it around without it. 

(To Khan) Are you trying to receive a sponsorship keyboard?

Khan: Maybe, just a little. (Laughs)

(To Khan) In game 2, you made an odd face after picking Fiora. What kind of conversations went back and forth between the players, when you made the pick?

Khan: We didn't have any special conversations. It's just that... the atmosphere turned sour because, during the Summer of last year, we lost to Samsung while using Fiora. Luckily, the results turned out great today, so I was able to walk out smiling.

GorillA: Fiora was a pick that could've been very burdening to Khan. I'm really thankful that he did great.

(To  GorillA) The playstyle of 'Longzhu' and 'Kingzone' seem similar to each other, but at the same time, quite different. What're your thoughts?

GorillA: Peanut's jungle style is different to that of Cuzz's, but the two are constantly sharing their strengths through practice. I personally believe that maintaining the same "team color" [playstyle] is bad... we're starting to find a good balance.

(To Both) Currently, the meta seems to really apply stress to the players - as the games are very long, and a single mistake can cost you the game. How do you deal with that stress?

Khan: There really isn't anything special. But because I prefer carry-oriented champions, a single mistake from me in the late-game can cost my entire team a game. The pressure is actually quite immense. So I do my best during practice, to always remain focused. I also constantly share conversations with my teammates... if you do that, you'll usually find the solution to your problems.

GorillA: As a game drags on, you become more prone to being mentally shaken. During today's series, game 1 was also a long one, but Peanut made the correct calls throughout it, and we were able to win. Through the addition of Peanut, our team's shotcalling saw improvement. In difficult times, we simply try our best to talk to each other more. That's why I'm confident in playing long games - I don't mind playing short games either.

(To GorillA) The players of KZ are known to talk a lot - even in the locker rooms waiting for their next game.

GorillA: We talk to each other to relieve some pressure [nervousness]. (Laughs)

(To Both) Which team or player are you guys watching out for?

Khan: Every LCK team is strong, but if I'm to choose only one, it would be KSV. But since we had already played against them, I guess... none? (Laughs)

GorillA: Recently, JAG Teddy has been playing exceptionally. JAG - with Teddy as their ADC - is a team that I'll need to watch out for.

Final words for the fans?

GorillA: Despite the extremely cold weather, the fans here came to watch our games. When playing in the Gangnam studio, our team often play in the 1st series of the day. I'll see you guys next time.

Khan: Thank you for coming to watch our games, despite the cold weather. Everyone in our team is doing their best to show great performance, so please cheer for us.

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