KZ PraY: "SKT is a team that can bounce back up at any moment"

On the 26th, atop the 'Gangnam Nexon Arena', the 1st series of the 8th day of the '2018 LCK Spring Split' took place, in which KZ defeated SKT with a score of 2-0. KZ was able to achieve this victory today through their solid botlane and Khan's outstanding plays.

The following is an interview done with KZ's ADC player, PraY.

You've just defeated SKT. How do you feel?

Despite being placed at the bottom of the standings, I have always believed that SKT is a team that can bounce back up at any moment. I'm happy that we were able to secure a clean victory.

Your team was at a big disadvantage in game 1. How did you make the comeback happen?

Both SKT and out team had champions with Kletomancy - we were able to keep up with the item-race. I knew that we had a good chance as long as we drew-out the game. Not giving up any major objective also played a big part.

Your team's champion bans targeting Bang stood out quite a bit. Were you expecting a long game?

That too. We banned it because we believed SKT rates Sivir as a strong champion.

The botlane performance of KZ seemed to have toned down early on in the Split - it's starting to get back to its form. 

I always think this, but our form has always remained the same - there's only so much that a botlane can show. If we keep maintaining a good form, I think those criticisms will eventually disappear. 

Instead of constantly applying heavy pressure on the enemy during the laning phase, you tend to play 'flexibly'. Are you doing this for the better of the team?

We [GorillA and I] try our best to be as versatile as possible. We tend to yield to the needs of the other players. We find this good because that means the other lanes will take some form of an advantage. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

KZ's games end quicker on average compared to the other teams.

If there is a necessary play, I find the need to do it boldly. I mean, of course, we lose games because of that, too. (Laughs) I put faith into my mechanics and decisions, and go for the play with determination. That's how I prefer to make plays.

In two days time, you'll be playing against MVP, a team that is known to play the game in a unique way.

I wanted to spend this new year - not knowing defeat. 

We're currently in a win-streak, and we won't underestimate anyone.

Your team is, once again, a likely candidate to win the Spring Split. Looking at the team right now, what're your chances to actually win it?

I talked with Peanut, and we decided upon a goal - to win the Spring Split and MSI. I haven't been to an MSI tournament yet, so I would really like to attend it this time. As long as we prepare well, I think our chances to win are high.

Any final words?

I want to thank our staff members for always supporting us. Our opening game was a bit shaky, but we'll do our best to only win from now on.

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