KT Smeb: "For this season, we will try to give up individuality and become more team-oriented"

On the 20th, taking place atop the Seoul Sangam eStadium, the 4th day of the '2017 LoL Champions Korea Round 1' began. And during it, kt Rolster defeated MVP with a score of 2-0. Unlike what the score suggests, the games themselves were very fierce and competitive. Especially game 2, as it was drawn-out for about an hour. 

Throughout the games, Smeb made a couple of mistakes, but he maintained his concentration and contributed to his team's victory.

The following is an interview done with kt Rolster's toplaner, Smeb.


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You have won your first game of the Spring Split. How do you feel?

We had won the 1st game convincingly, but the 2nd game was very difficult. I'm still very happy that we were able to win both sets.

Why did you guys take Ornn for game 2?

Ornn is a champion that is great for fighting. Our overall team composition was good in regards to baiting the enemy to fight us, so we picked him.

Game 2 was definitely not an easy one. Did you still expect to win it?

Our backline was going to remain strong even if we were going to reach late-game, so I always thought that we had a good chance throughout the game. The enemy, however, utilized champions that can create unexpected surprises - like Zilean - and it gave us a hard time.

The winrate on your Gnar is very good at the moment. How do you rate him as a champion?

Personally, I don't find him to be a great champion. But the data gathered by our team proved him to be good. In regards to both the laning phase and teamfights, I think Gnar is in a good place.

During the previous game, you guys utilized a team composition with low CC. But today, it was the complete opposite. What was the reasoning?

We didn't use this comp today because our previous one had failed.

During the previous game, we didn't necessarily build around Vayne, but because our game had taken a bad turn, it seemed like that.

Your next match is against SKT. What're your predictions?

We're practicing very hard. Each player on our team has strong individual colors, so we're doing our best to blend in together, as one. I'm hoping that we will be able to better synergize in our game against SKT.

Your head coach was replaced. What changed?

There wasn't any big chance. The players, however, had a change in thought. For this season, we all agreed to try and give up a bit of individuality and become more team-oriented.

Any last words?

Once again, today, we weren't able to provide the perfect winning performance. We're always trying to do out best, so please watch over us. Lastly, I want to thank all the fans that cheer for us.

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