KT Deft on Varus: "He's a champion that will do at least average as long as you pick him"

kt Rolster and MVP entered today's series with 1 loss each - and KT came out with the victory. 

On the 20th of January(KST), on the 4th day of the LCK week 1, kt Rolster clashed against MVP only to win the series 2-0. Although the score suggests KT's dominance, the games themselves were very competitive and close - especially game 2, as the game was drawn-out for an hour. With the tank's successful engages, Pawn and Deft were able to rain down DPS on MVP.

After the series, the two players who have won the MVP title, Pawn and Deft, were invited for an interview with the casters.


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You guys have secured your first win this Split! How do you feel?

Deft: Our start wasn't too great, but I'm glad that we won 2-0 today.

Are you satisfied with your individual performance today?

Pawn: I didn't play perfectly today. On game 2, I shouldn't have died early with Azir. Also, in the late-game, our teamfighting didn't go as we had planned. It wasn't a satisfying victory.

After winning the KeSPA Cup last year, you guys lost in the LCK opening games. What kind of feedback and back and forth within the team?

Deft: The team-atmosphere wasn't too great. However, we reminded each other that it's just the first game and that there is a lot more remaining. 

Before the new season took off, KT received a lot of praise and expectations. However, your team's confidence seemed to have dipped low.

Pawn: Our results during practice weren't too good, so our confidence dropped, significantly.

You guys first-picked Varus in game 1. Was he a pick that you guys have been preparing?

Deft: Varus has become a pick that is good for blind-picking. He also synergizes very well with Guinsoo. He's a champion that will do at least average as long as you pick him.

In game 1, whenever there was a teamfight, you fought confidently. What kind of calls went back and forth?

Pawn: As long as Deft and I stayed alive, it was impossible for us to lose. So I told my teammates to stay alive until we get there.

In game 2, Smeb died, quite meaninglessly, while chasing the enemy. Why did he make that kind of play?

Deft: The shotcalls within the team were mixed... Smeb told the team "let's be certain and kill everyone," but the rest of the team were satisfied with the advantage that we took.

In game 2, the enemy AP champion was very threatening. What do you think of the teamfights that took place during that game?

Pawn: It was very difficult to DPS. After receiving the 'E' buff from Zilean, the enemy Malzahar was able to rush in very, very quickly, and it resulted in us blowing flash way too easily. If MVP was able to utilize the weaknesses that they carved into us with that, the match would've been a lot harder.

In game 2, the team very much relied on Kog'Maw for damage. Did you feel any pressure?

Deft: In order for me to reliably DPS, the tanks had to lock the enemy champions in with CC. We won the game because the tanks did well.

Does Ornn's item upgrade actually make a difference?

Pawn: After fully upgrading, you basically become ahead of your enemy by 1 whole item worth of stats. You become much stronger in the late-game.

Deft: I wasn't initially planning to build Infinity Edge, but I did, because of Ornn. 

Very recently, the players of KT participated in the Olympics Torch Relay. Can you tell us about it?

Pawn: Many people were watching, so I had a hard time... because I was too shy. Also, I ran for only about 3 minutes, but there were so many people along the route... I was embarrassed.

Deft: It was an honor to have been able to participate in such a meaningful event with my teammates. At the moment of the Relay, I was very nervous, but after having finished it, it became a very fun and meaningful memory.

Lee Ji-Hoon became the general manager of KSV. Have you talked with him yet?

Deft/Pawn: Not really.

Pawn, you have a lot of nicknames. What do you think of them?

Pawn: When I perform well, I am given a great nickname. However, when I perform badly, I'm given a nickname with a bad meaning. Therefore, I feel great when I perform well, but really bad if I don't.

Final words regarding the Spring Split?

Deft: Our first game had bad results, but our team all agreed to try things that we couldn't last year. We'll do our absolute best to win.

Pawn: Our start was lackluster, but we'll defeat SKT during our next game and start on a good footing.

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