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SKT T1, kt Rolster, MVP, and KSV! Photos of 2018 LCK Spring Profile Shooting #2


As the 2018 LCK Spring season ahead, Korean players took a profile photo to be used during the spring season. Following the #1, all the players of MVP, kt Rolster, SKT T1, and KSV took pictures. Let's check it out.

▲ MVP's 'Maha' starts the photo shoot first.

▲ He succeeded in the diet.

▲ 'ADD'

▲ "Jungler!"

▲ "Do you want me?"

▲ 'Beyond'

▲ ?

▲ What a creative poses

▲ 'Ian'

▲ 'Pilot'

▲ MVP's photo shoot is finished.

▲ 'Smeb' is the start of kt Rolster's photo shoot

▲ Is that Rock Lee?

▲ 'Pawn'

▲ God's hand

▲ 'Mata'

▲ A somewhat... unique pose of 'Ucal'

▲ "Yup!"

▲ "What's he doing..."

▲ 'Deft'

▲ "Do you wanna dance with me?"

▲ "PyeongChang~!" here is the 'Score'.

▲ Looks little tired

▲ 'Rush'

▲ "Bye, guys!" (teleport)

▲ SKT T1 is next.

▲ 'Blank' knows how to pose nicely

▲ 'Untara'

▲ SKT's new player, 'Thal'

▲ 'Blossom'

▲ 'Effort'

▲ 'Faker' Lee Sang Hyuk is following

▲ Senpai!!

▲ 'Wolf'

▲ and his business partner, 'Bang'

▲ Coach 'PoohManDu'

▲ After taking a photo of coach 'Bengi', shooting of SKT T1 has been finished.

▲ Now is the KSV's turn. 'CoreJJ'

▲ 'Ruler'

▲ 'Haru'

▲ 'Crown'

▲ 'CuVee'

▲ "Two more dishes!"

▲ 'Ambition' was the last model of KSV

▲ See you again at the stage!


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