Jeff Kaplan reveals that Hero 27 is "meta changing" and that balance team "never tests without" it.



Alongside the climatic start of the Overwatch League, several content creators were invited to Blizzard offices to talk with Jeff Kaplan about the league and the future of Overwatch in 2018. Amidst the discussion, Kaplan revealed crucial information on the 27th hero that is the team is currently "working overtime" to complete.

The "Your Overwatch" and "Overwatch Central" Youtube channels released videos of the interview, and this thread on the Overwatch Competitive subReddit provides a transcript of the whole thing.  Hero 27 details will always be a hot topic, but Kaplan's insistence on how meta defining the hero will be is of particular interest to any competitively minded Overwatch fan.

Here are some of the most crucial details involving Hero 27 taken from the interview:

"It's a very good sign when a hero enters the hero lineup like we add it to the hero lineup fully. Which means it's in every one of our playtests which the new hero is at that point on the new hero's sort of ever-present we never test without that hero so it's always available. So I think that's a really good sign."

"The thing that makes me the most excited about this hero is sometimes when we're working on a new hero we really struggle and we've had this with a couple heroes in the past where it's been very late before the heroes kind of clicked in in our minds of exactly how it's going to work and we're making kind of big dramatic changes until the end."

"This hero's super solid and after a playtest we always hear the comment like yeah that's an Overwatch hero that's gonna feel really great. So it's progressing awesome and teams actually working overtime on the hero now and they're working really hard."

I urge you to listen to the entire interview, as it features Kaplan in his usual candid manner answering important questions, such as whether or not the Overwatch League is taking resources away from developer future content for the game. 

Be sure to check out  @YourOverwatchYT and @OWCentral  on Twitter for more content like this.


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