[Video Interview] Professional Gamers Read Negative Comments From the Community

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Score (kt Rolster jungler, winner of KeSPA Cup)

Q. Why are you here today?

A. There are many people posting mean comments nowadays. I’m here to say something to them.

Players Reading Mean Comments (light version)

The light version of mean comments being read by LoL players!
What are their reactions?
(Most mean comments are filtered to sound nicer.)


Comment: Crown is never the world’s best mid laner. His skills simply aren’t good enough.

SSG Crown: Hahahahahaha, my skills aren’t good enough… I think sometimes, when my condition is good, my skills ARE good enough.

After LCK All-stars were defeated by LPL All-Stars
Comment: Five Chinese can win.

LZ Khan: Puhahah! Ah, I shouldn’t laugh. I am very sorry for that.

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Comment: Roach doesn’t go in when he’s needed and goes in when he shouldn’t.

Kongdoo Roach: (Clenches fist) The comment is a lot sharper than I thought. I think you have talent as a coach. I’m trying hard to do better.

Comment: The god(damn) of Smite, Score. He always loses.

kt Score: This is an accurate point, but recently my form is very good, so I’ll try to make that mean a good thing. I think that I’m gaining the image of someone who uses Smite really well, now. The REAL god of Smite of 2018 will be Score.

"Woah, Score has really rocked the Rift in 2018."

Comment: Ian is a dumb guy who can only play Syndra.

MVP Ian: I saw that coming. I’m seen as a player that only plays Syndra, but I’m rather good at the other champs, too, like Pantheon, although I lost. I’m good at other champs too, but I just think the results didn’t follow. Hehe

Comment: I hope Kuro plays Azir today, so our team can win.

AFs Kuro: This… is… hmm.. it has many errors. If you look at when I was in Tigers, when I played Azir, there were a lot of games that I was good with Azir. The team wasn’t good enough.

Comment: Frankly, bbq players would like Kyochon chicken better than bbq.

bbq Ghost: No, we only eat bbq chicken, so we don’t like other brands.

Comment: After seeing the match versus Longzhu in the KeSPA Cup, I see why he isn’t in the starting roster.

SKT Blank: You should try and play here.

Comment: taltangyeonhee, why is his pronunciation like that?
Info: Cpt Jack has pronounced Jhin’s W skill ‘Taltangyeonhee’ instead of ‘Salsangyeonhee’ (Deadly Flourish) while commentating a game.

Cpt Jack: I watched it right after that match, pfkkfahha. I was going nuts myself. Sal. Sang. Yeon. Hee.

Comment: Who’s Rascal? Isn’t he the guy who plays Overwatch?

LZ Rascal: Hello, I’m Rascal of Lonzhu Gaming. I’m not the guy who plays Overwatch.

Comment: If you play Master Yi, you get dominated like that.

MVP Beyond: Well, it’s not that if you play Master Yi, it’s just that I wasn’t good that match. I admit it. Master Yi is…. Hmmm…. A good champ. If the mid lane wins on his own, Master Yi is really strong. Everything is because the mid lane was bad. (Ian: That’s right.)

“The key to immortality? Not dying.”

Comment: MadLife is the biggest bubble in the LoL scene.

MadLife: Bubble… Bubbles grow when the player actually does something, I think that’s all right.

Comment: Flame is good looking, but not as good looking as Watch.

FlyQuest Flame: Everyone has their own preferences. Yes.

Comment: Mightybear has no special abilities. He’s a jungler that doesn’t stick out.

ROX Mightybear: Hmm… this is… this can have two meanings: if you look at it from the bright side, it could mean that I don’t get found by the opponents. I’ll go with that. The advantage I think I have over other junglers is that I’m better at knowing when to hit the dragon.

Comment: I have no idea why he plays Ahri. He learned his lesson this time.

FlyQuest Fly: That, why I play Ahri, (sigh) I showed you, don’t play Ahri. (Bitter Laugh) Sorry, sorry about that.

Comment: Score is too old now, he doesn’t have the mechanics to play Rengar.

kt Score: I think this is just a subjective opinion, just one person. My Rengar win rate in the pre season is 13W 0L (Very proud). You disrespected me, but I’m not too shabby in the solo queue. Just at this KeSPA Cup, I played Kha’Zix; you know how mechanical a champ Kha’Zix is. I was all over the place, stealing. I’ll just leave it at that.

Comment: GodguKnight, isn’t he good because he saw the opponent jungler first?
Note: GodguKnight is a nickname of Blank, a mixture of God, his name (Sun-gu), and knight.

Blank: I’m good even if I don’t see.

Comment: Isn’t Edge only good at Syndra?

Kongdoo Edge: I think it’s a good thing that they see my Syndra as being good. I’m good at other champs, too. I think I was better with LeBlanc than Syndra in the competitions. I don’t know why they only remember Syndra.

Comment: You should just go and play Maple Story.

MVP Ian: I’m sorry. It’s an interesting game.

Comment: Fly was said to be good looking, he’s now next to Flame and he seems like an alien.

FlyQuest Fly: I’ve never thought that. I’m just not dressing myself up intentionally.

Comment: Can you play over Khan? Oh right, you’re playing in the opening match.

LZ Khan: Wha… is this YOUR mean comment? This looks like mine.

LZ Rascal: I just think it’s your bad.


Comment: You’re now a ‘has-been’. I’m Gold and I think I’m better.

FlyQuest Flame: I think this is the worst. This feels bad whether it is true or not.

SSG Crown: This is something I hate the most.

Madlife: (haha) It’s a bit regretful.

SKT Blank: I have many censored mean comments in the pro scene. Actually, there were so many that I can’t even mention.

MVP Ian: Before, I read many comments after the match, and sometimes I got shocked. So I decided not to read any now.

bbq Ghost: Some comments that say ‘go and die’, I think those are what I remember.

AFs Kuro: “Retire” I think that’s what I see the most.

SSG Crown: I was just smiling while I talked about these comments, but I’ve had hard times because of the mean comments.

Madlife: Just listen humbly, since I have a lot of experience, and I’ve seen many mean comments; personal insults, or baseless criticizing, blaming. These affect the playing and I also think that it can affect the career of a gamer. I wish you could encourage us, and just congratulate the winner.

In 2018, cheer us on with good comments.

kt Score: (Bragging about the KeSPA Cup)

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