Lahn Skill Videos: How far will she go using her Pendulum Waltz


The Lahn has been released on Black Desert Online KR on December 21st. Lahn’s combat style, throwing and swinging the Crescent Pendulum, differs from that of other classes and caused curiosity in many players.

One of the Lahn’s skills, Pendulum Waltz, lets her fly in the air like the Qing Gong from Chinese traditional fantasy, which gained much attention from BDO players. Here are the videos of the Lahn using her skills, including Pendulum Waltz, in actual combat, where you can see the skill effects and their range.

KR players have been showing great speed in leveling as there was a player who reached level 56 with the Lahn in 2 hours after her release on BDO KR.

※ The names of Lahn's weapons and skills are temporary translations and will be changed once the official terms are released. 


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Pendulum Waltz: Fly like the wind!


Using Pendulum Waltz will let the Lahn fly forward into the air with grace and quickly move a long distance. Using Flow: Pendulum Waltz in a skill combo after reaching level 22 will let Lahn players move instantly onto their targets in an instant, even from a long distance.

However, this skill does have a flaw: Pendulum Waltz has such a long cooldown, at 1 minute 30 seconds at skill level 1, and 1 minute when the 3rd skill level is unlocked. Not only that, the command keys are Shift + Space Bar, which could result in an unwanted use of Pendulum Waltz when you are jumping, and if you are still in midair after Pendulum Waltz ends, you could get damage from falling depending on the height.


▲ Amazing Qing Gong motion while using Pendulum Waltz


▲ Long distance Qing Gong can be used if Flow: Pendulum Waltz is used in a skill combo.


▲ You can get damaged from falling when using Pendulum Waltz up high.



Lahn Skills: Wide AoE but long delay!

The Lahn’s attacks can be classified into two types- the attacks with Crescent Pendulum and the ones with the Ancient Blade. The attacks using the Crescent Pendulum have long range and the AoE hitbox is moderate, but they have a long delay. This is where the attacks with the Ancient Blade come in handy, since they are very fast and can help defend the Lahn between her Pendulum attacks.

Skills using F as part of their command keys aren’t simple kicks but can be used in various skill combos, such as pulling the target towards the player using the Pendulum or launching them into the air and knocking them down again. The Lahn may not have separate movement skills, but her skill combos using ↑+F or ↑+RB will let you move around the battlefield with more speed.

※ This clip was taken based on a Lahn with 137 AP and 253 DP.


▲ Pendulum Kick uses up the Black Spirit’s Rage by 100% (Image from Inven KR)


▲ Boat Orchid uses up the Black Spirit’s Rage by 200% (Image from Inven KR)


▲ The basic LB skill combo


▲ The basic RB skill combo


▲ The basic F skill combo


▲ The basic LB + RB skill combo


▲ The skill combo using the SPACE bar in certain situations and animation cancel


▲ Using ↑+F, ↑+RB


▲ Short video of grinding in Marni’s Lab


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