The General’s Accessories, new Equipment for PvE damage, added in BDO KR

New Accessories have been added in Black Desert Online KR. The new Accessories, called the General’s Accessories, are specialized in PvE damage. They can be Enhanced using a special material called Fierce Spirit Fragment Stone, and have a 100% Enhancement chance. AP does not go up when the accessories are enhanced, but Accuracy and damage against monsters will increase.

PEN: General’s Belt will give 1 AP, 5 Accuracy, +12 damage to monsters, and +80 Weight Limit. PEN: General’s Ring and Earring will both give 1 AP, 7 Accuracy, and +12 damage to monsters.

The General’s Accessories have low base AP, so they will be very weak in PvP. However, they give a lot of additional damage against monsters at PEN. In addition, they have a 100% Enhancement success rate. If you have a character that is level 58 or over, you can enhance the accessories to PEN within a day. If you don’t have a useful Accessory or lost one after an unsuccessful Enhancement, the General’s Accessories might be a good choice.


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▲ PEN: General’s Belt will give 1 AP, 5 Accuracy, +12 damage to monsters, and +80 Weight Limit.


▲ PEN: General’s Earring will give 1 AP, 7 Accuracy, and +12 damage to monsters.


▲ PEN: General's Ring has the same item effects as PEN: General's Earring.


The General’s Accessories are obtainable by completing a newly-added quest chain. The Black Spirit will give you the first quest when you are Level 53 or over. There are a total of 5 quests in the chain, and you can get one type of Accessory by completing the first quest in the chain.


By completing the entire quest chain, you can get 5 of Fierce Spirit Fragment Stones, which is a material for enhancing the General Accessories. The quest chain starts with the “Budding Thirst” quest, and continues to “Endless desire for power #1” to “Endless desire for power #4”. You can enhance the Accessories in the Black Spirit’s Enhancement menu, and the success rate is 100%.

The Accessories can give you high PvE damage with low cost, but the quests can only be accepted once per account. Therefore, it is impossible to have more than one General’s Accessory. Also, the Accessories cannot be sold at the Marketplace so you have to choose wisely when it comes to what type of Accessory you will get.


▲ The General’s Accessories can be Enhanced with Fierce Spirit Fragment Stone.
▲ In KR, one of the quests requires Marni’s Stones, which are not available in NA/EU yet.


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