Lahn, the 16th class released on BDO KR! What does the new costume for Lahn look like?

The Lahn, the 16th class in Black Desert Online, has been released on the KR server. The Lahn uses a Crescent Pendulum, a half-moon shaped blade on the end of a long piece of cloth, as her mainhand, and the Ancient Blade, a new offhand weapon.


The new costume has been revealed along with Lahn’s release. The name of the costume is Fairy Orchids and the design resembles that of a Qipao, a traditional Chinese dress. The costume includes oriental accessories and hair ornaments, and the graceful patterns on the silk dress refer to Lahn’s game lore, in which she is the Master of East Asian Martial Arts.

※ The names are temporary translations and will be changed once the official terms are released.


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    level 1 EMIceberg

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    Which Mats are needed to craft Lahns weapon and sub weapon?

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