KR reacts to Kunoichi & Ninja updates on BDO - Ghost Step Distance Good, Commands Bad!

A balance patch was released for the Kunoichi and Ninja on December 14th, on Black Desert Online KR. Both of the classes got their basic attack stats increased by 21 based on level 60. Along with this, their PvE damage has increased as well, although their PvP damage was reduced by 7.8% to keep them balanced.

The movement distance covered when using Ghost Step, the skill shared by both classes, has been buffed, while only the sideways movement distance for the Kunoichi’s Ghost Step with Sah Chakram has been buffed. Other than that, the Ninja got his DPS increased; using his skill combos like Flow: Mach Explosion has gotten much quicker along with increased attack stats.


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[Kunoichi & Ninja]

● Basic AP at Level 60 has increased by 21.

- PvE damage has increased in accordance with this change.

- In order to keep PvP damage constant, PvP damage has decreased by 7.8%.

● You can now use Ghost Step with Shift + W.

[Kunoichi Updates]

● Movement distance of Ghost Step I,II,III (in non-Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

● Left and right movement distance of Ghost Step III (in Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

[KR Player Reactions to Kunoichi Changes]

▶ I started testing the buffs starting with PvE. I can see that her DPS has gotten stronger, but you could say that she got a little bit stronger, and that’s all.

▶ She did get her DPS increase, but not enough to be easily felt.

▶ I tried grinding after the update, and I think the rate of miscellaneous items increased by around 10~15%.

▶ How about Ghost Step? I was like… did it get buffed?
- The movement distance increased for sure.

▶ Why didn’t they give a buff on the forward/backward movement distance with Sah Chakram? Sah Chakram is more important.

▶ I think they made the commands wrong. It shares the same command key with Target Chase so it keeps getting used automatically.


▶  I think they made the wrong choice when they had Ghost Step share the same keys with the running key.

▶ You have to jump while running to be able to jump far, but it keeps getting hampered because my Ghost Step keeps getting used automatically.

▶ I like how they increased the attack stats, but I am pretty sure they didn’t test it when they set the commands for Ghost Step.


▶ Whatever actions I take while running became all inconvenient. If I want to do something, I have to do it when Ghost Step is in cooldown.

- That’s the same when I’m jumping while running or using the Lunar Dash-Ghost Step combo while running.

- If you try it out yourself, you’ll see how much you used run. So far from comfy.


▲ The distance of Ghost Step has been increased.


▲ Players are complaining that the forward/backward distance for Ghost Step hasn’t increased when in the Sah Chakram stance.



[Ninja Updates]

● Movement distance of Ghost Step I, II, III (in Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

● Drastic Measure will be activated immediately after the last hit of Sudden Decapitation when you use Drastic Measure after Sudden Decapitation. (Not applied for Sudden Decapitation after Seamless.)

● Drastic Measure will pull monsters when charging.

● Flow: Mach Explosion and Sura ChaoSpree will be used more smoothly.

[KR Player Reactions to Ninja Change]

▶ I can actually feel that his DPS has increased.

▶ Yeah, I can see his damage increased.

▶ I tried grinding at Crescent Shrine, and the number of miscellaneous items increased from 5500 to 6000 per hour.

▶ I think you can grind with only Awakening skills without having to switch to Pre-Awakening skills.

▶I think the faster cast time for Flow: Mach Explosion is the biggest improvement here.

▶ Buffs for Flow: Mach Explosion and Sura ChaoSpree seem okay.

▶ As for Flow: Execution… Well, I don’t think it’s that great because Sudden Decapitation used before it is real slow.

- Agreed. Flow: Execution remains sucky.

▶ Pulling monster effect for Drastic Measure… doesn’t have any effect.

▶ The distance for Ghost Step is so much better for sure. I can move to my destination real quick.

▶ There are so many problems with the commands! The effects for my Silent Charge occasionally don’t work. 

▶ (After additional updates) The priority for Silent Charge became greater during the transitional stance now.

- Wow, that’s a relief.

▶ (About Ninja with 244 attack stats killing Mystic with 306 defense stats with a single skill combo) Isn’t this too OP? It said the damage for PvP would remain the same!

- That’s weird, it did say the PvP damage will be reduced to keep the balance.
- It used to be like that before. It’s just a big difference in the Villa buffs and critical hits from Serpent Ascension air attacks.

- If you try it yourself, you won’t feel much of a big difference in the PvP damage.

- You got the wrong comparison in the first place. As for that oneshot kill, you’re comparing critical airattack hits coming from behind with attacks coming from the front.



▲ The grinding speed may have been improved, but some players find it regrettable that the increase of skill link speed does not come in effect during a skill combo.


▲ Players complained about having certain skills activating unintentionally, because skills like Silent Charge and Ghost Step share the same commands.


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Comments :7

  • 1

    level 1 Nimja1


    I'm pretty confused by their choice of making ghost steps forward movement shift-W. We've been playing it for so long one way, why suddenly mix it up like this? When I read the patch notes I knew there was gonna be issues with ninjas other shift-W move (silent advance or something, forget the English name). Just like making scroll lock the walk in auto path, this is a dumb change that didnt/shouldn't of happened and we can't even change it or get rid of it. Cmon PA, get your heads out of your asses.

    • 0

      level 1 woots


      the choice is as bad as with mystic and his iframe move also using shift + W. I indeed dont get why they changed that, it was fine as it was

  • -1

    level 1 Orion_Xavier


    Am I missing something? ... Simply lock Target Chase, then you can only activate it via hotkey. I've always used mine via hotkey.

    • 0

      level 1 woots

      @Orion_Xavier target chase is down + Q... to do see how they have issue with ghost step - target chase oO

  • 1

    level 1 SaFteiNZz

    Why did they do the "shift - W" to dash forward it will only make the gameplay launch things unintentionally, like you will be using ghost step automatically when you run or when you double jump running. This will get kinda of annoying, I would just keep it like it is, "forward - F" to go forward. At least let ghost step be quicksloted because this will make my gameplay annoying and I don't want so...

  • 0

    level 1 woots

    Its indeed very stupid to not have increased the ghost step distance travel with chakram...

    it already feel more clunky than with mainhand, because kuno kinda do a straight "stop" after ghost step, while with mainhand it blend more correctly.

  • 0

    level 1 Frank

    After playing the update, I can't really tell if Ghost Step has really been buffed, the same for Flow Execution and the other skills, they don't feel any faster than before. It feels like they've only been increased by a tiny margin. As for damage it also feels like only a tiny increase.
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