SSG CoreJJ: "Before coming onto the stage, I wasn’t sure if I should book the Beijing or the Seoul plane ticket."

Among the 5 SSG players, CoreJJ had the smallest presence. This is because you don’t see the aggressive plays seen from CuVee or the carrier potential from Ambition from CoreJJ. In other words, CoreJJ is more of a consistent passive player. As a support, CoreJJ keeps his position away from the fight and focuses on keeping Ruler alive. CoreJJ can be seen as the main gear to keep SSG operating.


In today’s semi final games against WE, CoreJJ received the MVP title and showed the world why. CoreJJ has a tendency to gain small advantages over and over. Whilst playing Janna, he made sure to keep everyone alive while keeping the danger away from SSG.


After the game, CoreJJ was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ Firstly, how do you feel right now?

Before coming onto the stage, I wasn’t sure if I should book the Beijing or the Seoul plane ticket. I’m happy that the games went fairly smooth for us.


¤ Why did you draft that way in the 1st game? Thing such as giving Xayah Rakan.

We gave them Xayah Rakan because Ruler had a lot of confidence in beating them with Tristana. However, the game didn’t go as planned and we lost. We just forgot about the game and went on to the next one.


¤ Your record recently is outstanding. You gained the overall MVP title. How do you feel about your own performance?

I never had a loss of confidence in my support performance. I’m the type of person who always has confidence when playing.


¤ You get to meet SKT again in the finals. How do you feel?

Meeting SKT again brings a lot of meaning to the stage. Watching SKT bringing back every game I thought they were going to lose, I truly believe SKT is a extremely strong team.


¤ Can you give one word of determination going into the finals?

Last year, we brought SKT to a game 5 and lost. If I think back to then, I think we would have won if we had more international experience. At that time, I felt I was getting smaller while playing with them. However, this year is different. This year, I can say for sure, we can give it our all.


¤ Can you say a few words to crew for supporting you all the way to China?

I want to thank everyone who came all the way here to support us. My teammates, coaches, and other staff. The fact that we made it to the finals was not because our team but because of everyone else’s contribution. I will try my best to fill everyone’s expectations for us.

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