SKT T1 Faker: " I hope to finish the final series within 3 games so I can go eat quickly."

Faker, up against RNG, showed yet again why he is by far the best player in the world. Faker did not make a single noticeable mistake during the 5 games he played Galio.


As a result, Faker earned the MVP of the series by only playing one champion. No one can dispute that Faker earned the title. He showed what it really means to be titled MVP and of course made his own way to the finals. After the game, Faker was interviewed. Let’s see what the MVP has to say!

¤ What were your impressions on today’s games?

I had a good impression on China before but coming into these games made me a little bit nervous. Still, I think I made the games very entertaining. 


¤ How do you reflect on your own performance today?

I did make some mistakes, but I was well aware how good I am at Galio. I was expecting to receive player of the series. I’m not too surprised.


¤ If you had to rate RNG?

I think they played really well. If I had to compare, i think we won against RNG because we focused a lot more on the late game. RNG has always been and will always be a strong team.


¤ Why did you only play Galio?

I picked Galio because I can roam freely across the map. I also picked him because it gave a lot of comfort to my teammates.


¤ Who do you think is the most good looking on your team?

kkOma coach has been getting pretty old but has slowly started to look good again. For me personally, I still think kkOma is the best looking.


¤ When it comes to the knockout stages, this has been one of the most if not the most challenging knockout stage for SKT. 2 matches going into game 5. How has this influenced your mindset going into the finals?

I think it was due to us making a lot of mistakes. Our poor performances made it so we had to go to game 5 for some series. Going into the finals, I would like to make sure that we improve on our mistakes and end the finals by game 3. This is because I am really hungry right now. I hope to finish the final series within 3 games so I can go eat quickly.


¤ In the group stage, you said the overall all for the team is to win. What are your personal goals?

The goal has been and always will be to win. If your goal isn’t to win, i think there is no point of going to Worlds. I will try my very best in the future.


¤ The finals still has to be played in that amazing Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing. Who are you hoping to face there Faker?

I am really looking forward to playing at The Bird’s Nest because I don’t have that much of an experience playing in that size of a venue. I am really looking forward towards that experience. I don’t have any big preference on who I want to play against as usual.




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