SKT T1 Bang: "I think through the last Misfits series, we learned a lot from them."

Bang received the most pressure going in the games against RNG. Even if he could put aside and fix the mistakes from the previous games, Bang was up against the LPL’s greatest all star player, Uzi. Bang is not a player who gets nervous however. Facing one of the most important matches in front of him, Bang did not flinch.


The games were not easy against Uzi and RNG. Uzi picked Vayne in the 3rd game of the series and destroyed SKT T1. However, Bang did not throw in the towel. Through games 3 and 4, Bang came back to his well known form and succeeded in going to the finals.


After the game, SKT T1’s ADC, Bang, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ In your perspective, what were the biggest challenges you overcame today?

So when we lost game 1, I wasn’t too worried. They won the game fair and square. When we lost game 3, I was really worried. We had the picks that we wanted, and we had the game all planned out. However, we had a lot of mistakes and lost that game pretty easily. After the loss of the 3rd game, it was the tipping point and a challenge for us. It was a challenge for us because we thought RNG would keep the momentum going.


¤ You guys brought the momentum back. This also happened when you played against Misfits. You guys received a lot of bot lane criticism after that. How do you feel you rebounded and how do you feel you performed?

I think through the last Misfits series, we learned a lot from them. Coming into this tournament, we didn’t even consider playing against a Leona or Blitzcrank. We ruled them out completely, those non Ardent Censer champions. Through that series, we got to learn a lot about ourselves and about the other champions that could get picked. I think through that experience, we were able to group for the past 3 to 4 days and play a lot better in this series.

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