SKT T1 Peanut: "Since I got subbed in this time, I could fully focus on the series."

Within the two teams that played today, one team was finalized for the finals for Worlds 2017. SKT T1, yet again, had made it. The SKT T1 this season did not have the same weight and impact compared to the previous seasons. It may have been because of the setbacks from the losses in the LCK finals and Rift Rivals.


However, SKT T1 has restored the hopes in their fans. They defeated one of the most confident teams at this Worlds, RNG. Of course, it was not an easy task. Going to a game 5, SKT T1 was on the brink of elimination but pulled it back.


At a 2:1 disadvantage, SKT T1 brought out Peanut. Started as a sub, Peanut brought SKT back to victory. After all the games were finished, Peanut was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about facing the finals!

¤ How relieved are you that from those intense games you were able to close out those games in the semifinals?

I sure am relieved. I can’t explain in words how happy I am by winning the series. Starting from the LCK summer, I had a really rough streak. I am really glad about my last performances in these games. This is a really great experience for me.

¤ I can only imagine the pressure of you being subbed in for the elimination games. Can you tell me a little bit about what the coaches told you and how you overcome that pressure to prove yourself?

I got a lot of advice from my coach and my teammates, but I think I had a different mindset. Usually when I play as a start, I am worried that I might get subbed out at some time. Since I got subbed in this time, I could fully focus on the series.


¤ I remember at MSI you were smiling all the time, and it was the Peanut show. So how is your confidence going into that all important last match and that world championship final?

I think through game 5 today, I regained my confidence fully. I am going to keep on replaying this game 5 in my head. Keep this momentum going. My confidence and morale is going to be really high going into the finals.

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