[KR Reactions] RNG vs G2: "Happens every time at worlds... EU > NA. What is this EU buff"

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In the first game of the 2nd day in the 2nd week of the group stage, G2 ran over the considered power house team of Group C, RNG. Leaving a reasonably cold atmosphere into the Chinese crowd.

G2 Trick’s Sejuani had single handedly swung the game in his favor. Fnatic and now G2, Korean fans are astonished of this European buff going on in the 2nd week of the group stage. Yet another European team remains, Misfits. Koreans are curious on how the performance from Misfits is going to play out. Excited Korean fans stated, “2nd week and there is something different about EU”. The atmosphere is definitely different.

Below are the reactions from the Korean community for the RNG and G2 post match discussion. Let’s see what the Korean fans have to say!

▷ Is the Wuhan Library (Library meme because the Wuhan Crowd gets quiet when China loses = quiet as a library) opening again?

└ If everything goes well you might be able to see a funeral portrait (crowd as solemn as a funeral) in the library.

└ Will the whole region get eliminated!!?!?

└ Yesterday was 3 teams with 2 wins 4 losses, is today going to be 3 teams with 4 wins and 2 losses?

└ All Fenerbahçe needs to do now is to go loss loss loss win win win lel


▷ Happens every time at worlds... EU > NA. What is this EU buff...

└ It is so weird lol. In Rift Rivals NA was better than EU but at worlds EU is doing so much better. Got to respect EU… they doing well.


└ Wouldn’t it be weird if G2 didn’t perform like this? They are the 1st seed from EU

└└ They only did well at MSI and sucked at other stages so no lel.

└└ EU is always so inconsistent... guess it’s their style

└└ 1st seed but G2 has never done well at any other stage

└└ EU is just trash now. Of course I was surprised by Fnatic yesterday but if you watch the EU LCS… you would understand.

└└ They are alpha in EU but beta as hell at worlds lel


▷ Confused by the 3-2 split strat. In trying to get 3 kills, they didn't even get any and lost the Nexus huh

└ When you give everything you hold precious to your opponent and get a destroyed Nexus in return!

└ Yeah they couldn’t do anything LOL


▷ G2 killed RNG's Ardent Censer...Uzi couldn’t do anything... Ardent Censer...what is this item.


▷ Wow… what a game coming from NA-EU LCS teams. In performance honestly, EU has always outperformed NA. I am pre sure I’m not the only one thinking of this right? The best mid laner for NA is Bjergsen. Even NA’s best mid laner is from Europe. To be honest without Bjergsen, NA is not that strong of a region. I’m not saying G2 is bad but no EU team has been able to win 4+ consecutive games. This just shows how far the EU standard has fallen. This kind of EU talk hasn't been brought up in a while. However, things do change for EU at worlds from time to time. I think last game… Trick, out of all junglers at worlds, carried the hardest. Levi’s Nocturne was just overgrown and fed with exp and the champion itself is aggressive in carry potential...

└ Week 2 of Worlds = EU BUFF OP!

└ ‘God’natic and ‘God’2. Max level Rabbit.

└ Just because they might not be the best team does not mean they aren’t going to give a fight. GAM was the same.

└└ Fnatic is the same as H2K last year lel. Maybe G2 will even take the championships?


└ I think NA and EU both performed well no doubt. However considering going 4 wins in the play ins, G2 isn’t performing as well as they should. I still think rather than G2 or Fnatic, C9 and TSM are a lot better than these teams.

└└ I don’t know if it really was truely G2 playing well or something but G2 is freaking insane!?!? I think by far this was the best game from G2.


▷ Trick is a god

└ You have to ban his Sejuani

└ EU’s best jungler… he is on another level

└ He just carried the game by himself?!?!!? L O L


▷ What is the ‘library’?

└ Whenever a Chinese team loses on the Chinese stage, the crowd goes silent just like a library.



▷ No chance Fenerbahçe will win against RNG. If G2 losses against Samsung, G2 gets eliminated, but if G2 wins it will be another juicy set of games for 2nd place.

└ G2 just clapped RNG lel

└ Samsung needs to beat G2 this game


▷ RNG’s incredible last team fight.clip

└ What a beautiful deafeat from RNG LUL

└ Decision making of an NA bronze

└ *cries*

└ Screw the Nexus... GET THE TRISTANA!

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