Only about a week after SKT won Worlds 2016, Korean eSports once again amazed the world at BlizzCon. The Korean national team took home the Overwatch World Cup without dropping a single game, even in the finals against Russia; StarCraft 2 featured yet another Korean vs Korean grand finals between with Byun and Dark; even in the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, Ballistix dominated, taking down Fnatic 3-1 to end the tournament.

Blizzard announced many plans for its games’ eSports scenes, including the new Overwatch League, a revamped format for HGC 2017, and a massive overhaul for competitive Hearthstone. It will be interesting to see whether the current Korean dominance in eSports will persist. Here’s hoping to see more great games from both Korean and non-Koreans next year.


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