The reaction of players in the BDO Korean server to skill balances and extra 2nd enhanced skills

On September 28th (KST), a few changes have been made to skills of Berserker, Musa, and Ninja from the BDO update. Also, Warrior, Tamer, Witch, and Wizard have received the 2nd enhanced skills that players can learn at level 57. The new enhanced skills can be chosen separately from previous skills at level 56.

Players in the Korean server are sharing various opinions about the skills balance modification from the update. Berserker, in particular, is said to have become more efficient in PvE due to the change in skills. On the other hand, players tend to focus more on either the 1st or the 2nd enhanced skills.

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Balance Update

Ground Lifting, Flow: General Disarray, Titan Blow, Flow: Ancient Wave, Flow: Earth Dividing, Flow: Slugfest, Blasting

- Hurray! Invincibility to the first and second hits of Flow: Slugfest on a monster!

- The damage of Ground Lifting has been dramatically scaled up too.

- Not only Ground Lifting, but Blasting as well.

- Titan Blow with increased damage scale, and lifesteal, unbelievable.

- Just when I was about to switch to Warrior after selling all Berserker items, but congrats brothers.

- The speed of grinding Ronaros monsters (Kamasylvia Part Ⅱ, Tooth Fairy grinding spot) has changed, I think it’s increased.

- You can easily feel the change against non-CC monsters, you can also grind easily at the Crescent Shrine except the Crescent Guardian.

- I can see that PvE did improve, but we need to wait for PvP a bit longer.

- The grinding did become better, but not PvP, you may need to have the armor set if you are a PvP player.


Balance Update

Crust Crusher, Fiery Crevice, Twister

- It’s a buff, but not we wanted.

- I tried Centaurus - Crust Crusher became much stronger and Fiery Crevice became somewhat okay, but Twister is still not favorable.

- Fiery Crevice did become stronger, but I would rather use Crosscut twice.

- I use Crust Crusher sometimes, but all I wanted was not the increase in damage, but its motion delay and hitbox.

- It’s pointless to increase the damage scale of skills that you don’t use, and it’s much faster to grind with Below the Belt and  Crosscut.

- All these buffed skills became more useful than before, but they are still not used as much as the others.

- How about Pearl Abyss undoes the patch and do it again, but not like this next time.

- To hell with Musa buffs, I won’t play him.

- We need buffs on Below the Belt, Crosscut, and Flow: Backflow!


Balance Update

Flow: Execution

- A patch with only one line.

- 150% increase in the damage scale, what a grinding machine.

- I’m crying with gratitude to Pearl Abyss for this buff.

- Meanwhile, Berserker received 500% increase.

- They are executing Ninjas.

- Useless buff on WP management, the patch of baldhead, and the buff on Execution that nobody uses?

- Well, it has become stronger nonetheless, it can cut the half of the monster’s health at Crescent Shrine, compared to less than a half health before the update.


Enhanced skill - Shield Smash (Ultimate: Shield Charge + Shield Strike)

- Shield Smash seems to have a relatively long motion delay.

- It doesn’t even have a critical strike chance, with a poor range in addition.

- The pro is a short cooldown, and the rest are all cons.

- A skill with short cooldown and weak damage

- The skill is surely the strongest among all Enhanced skills of Warrior when you only look at the damage scale, but the motion delay is long and it is difficult to chain with other skills which are not canceling skills.

- That’s right, I would’ve used it if the motion delay is shorter.

Enhanced skill - Upper Shield Charge (Ultimate: Shield Charge + Upper Shield Strike Ⅱ)

- Upper Shield Charge with Air Attack, pretty good.

- It also has Air Smash, I think all PvP players will learn this.

- I tried it, and I do recommend Upper Shield Charge.

- Even though the skill damage scale is low, it has 50% critical attack chance, making it more powerful than others.

- The casting speed is also a bit faster.

- It’s good for penetration, and also in PvP because the skill gives you the super armor while casting, and guard stance after casting.

- The con is that it’s not good for grinding.

The Warrior’s new enhanced skills, Ultimate: Shield Charge is the main skill

▲ The Warrior’s new enhanced skill, Shield Smash (Source: 아크로스)

▲ The Warrior’s new enhanced skill, Upper Shield Charge (Source: 언플)


Enhanced skill - Jolt Wave Stab (Flash: Stance Shift Ⅱ + Jolt Wave Ⅲ)

- Jolt Wave Stab has higher damage scale than Claw of Divinity and can inflict knockdown, but we’ll see how good it is.

- It says that the damage is higher than Claw of Divinity, but they seem similar in practice.

- The skill tooltip looks really good, but the motion delay is too long.

- It seems more focused on utility rather than damage.

- Claw of Divinity seems like a better choice than this one.

Enhanced skill - Claw of Divinity (Flash: Stance Shift Ⅱ + Heilang: Scratch Ⅳ)

- Claw of Divinity can’t be swapped with Echo Pierce after casting, whereas Heilang: Fearful Trembling can be swapped with Echo Pierce.

- I was expecting it to be immune to the front guard and inflict CC in PvP, but it doesn’t even let me change the direction.

- You are more likely to be countered with Claw of Divinity in the usual combo.

- Although it’s not that good in PvP, at least Claw of Divinity is more efficient than Jolt Wave Stab in PvE.

- Though the damage is low, it’s alright as you can knockdown instantly on the 2nd hit and go behind.

The Tamer’s new enhanced skills, Flash: Stance Shift is the main skill

▲ The Tamer’s new enhanced skill, Jolt Wave Stab (Source - 헤이셋)

▲ The Tamer’s new enhanced skill, Claw of Divinity (Source - 헤이셋)

Witch & Wizard

Enhanced skill - Speed Earthquake (Earthquake Ⅳ + Speed Spell Ⅲ)

- Personally, I think Speed Earthquake is good if you are a PvP player, it’s quickly cast and has the bound effect.

- But, it has a long cooldown for the main skill in PvE.

- It’s less efficient in PvP, and the bound effect is also too short.

- I used both Speed Earthquake and Lightning Quake, and I prefer Lightning Quake over this.

- I am a PvE player, and I chose this because it has the pulling effect against monsters.

- I need to upgrade Earthquake to Ⅳ for this, and I don’t have enough point.

Enhanced skill - Lightning Quake (Earthquake Ⅳ + Lightning Chain Ⅳ)

- This dominates the other one with stiffening effect and debuffs in PvP.

- The damage is not that good, but it’s alright for the super armor CC.

- Shut up everyone and learn this.

- I recommend this over Speed Earthquake because the bound effect is too short.

- You don’t really use the 2nd enhanced skill for grinding, so this is better with super armor and electric shock effect.

The Wizard & Witch’s new enhanced skills, Earthquake is the main skill

▲ The Witch & Wizard’s new enhanced skill, Lightning Quake (Source - 장의상)

▲ The Witch & Wizard’s new enhanced skill - Speed Earthquake (Source - 장의상)

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    level 1 flashfree


    I'm positive now that PA officially hates ninja, while countless forums post and user suggestions on how to fix the class they prove time and time again that they simply don't give a shit.

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      level 1 N0rthWind


      *cries in Musa*

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    level 1 Ikrekot


    Could you post some more info about Valencia buff?

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      level 1 Yullie


      Desert Naga and Desert Fogan were buffed in KR. Monster density is much higher now. Desert Naga is really popular in KR right now since it's the spot is easy to reach. You can get a lot of exp in short amount of time, but item drops (Black stones, Scrolls in Ancient Language, Serap's Necklace) are still rng :( We will let everyone know about Valencia buff via a separate post. Thank you!

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      level 1 Ikrekot


      Thanks for reply :)

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