▲ Behind the scenes with Longzhu Gaming - 'Gorilla' (Kang Bum Hyun)

Frequently asked questions from fans can all be answered here by Pro Players! Today's guest is Gorilla from Longzhu Gaming, the team that became the summer champions this split.

Near Longzhu Gaming's gaming house, we met with Gorilla as he was preparing for his long-awaited journey towards the League of Legends Championships. Although we had very little time to interview Gorilla, we had just enough to discuss his feelings towards Worlds and our 5 word based answer questionnaire.

Let's meet with Gorilla to see what he has to say!

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Q. It has been awhile since we interviewed you Gorilla. How have you been since the summer finals?

Firstly, I am extremely happy about winning the summer finals, and it is so surreal to me. Every morning I wake up and I still cannot believe we actually won. I overused my voice while celebrating in the ceremony, so I am still recovering from my shouting. I am resting most of the time and doing my best to recover my voice.

Q. Your voice does not seem to have recovered fully since the ceremony. How do you usually take care of your health?

When the summer split started, I went to karaoke with my teammates and had more fun than my voice could handle. Celebrating after the finals did not help either. I went to the hospital after the finals only to realize my vocal cords were a bit swollen from all the shouting. I am resting for now till my voice recovers.

Q. By the sound of it, you seem to go to karaoke a lot. What is your favorite song?

I don't really have a preferred song honestly. I am the type of person who usually just sings along to what is playing and tries to keep the mood up. If I had to pick a song it would have to be, 'One shot of Soju' by Lim Chang-jung.

Q. Do you always match the mood for the people you go to karaoke with?

Yes, I usually match the mood but I think I overdid it a little bit (laughs)

Q. If it is alright with you, I am going to talk a little bit about the match against SKT T1. SKT T1 is not an easy team to beat. What were your thoughts going into this game?

A close friend of mine, PraY, beat SKT T1 once and I guess now for me it is the second time I beat them (laughs). I always experienced some trauma when we would lose against them multiple times but I am glad that the trauma is now gone. Claiming the win against SKT T1 helped me gain some confidence. I hope that this 'confidence' will help me perform my best in future games against SKT T1.

Q. I have heard you are very close with the SKT T1 members. Did you exchange any words after the match with SKT T1?

Concerning 'Bang' and 'Wolf', I am extremely close to them, to the point where I can just glance and smile at them without greeting them properly. I hugged them both saying we should all try our best at Worlds and make it far in the brackets. I recall in an interview that I considered Bang and Wolf to both be very talented players.

Q. I have heard you have a lot of younger pro players you care about, ranging from 'Peanut' when he was in ROX Tigers to the most recently interviewed 'Khan' in your team. You help them even with their make-up and take good care of them. How do you usually go about taking care of your fellow pro players?

When I first started as a pro player, I had a hard time adjusting to the pro scene. All the new players were expected to be the best of the best and had an extreme amount of pressure on them. Because I know the feelings they were feeling, I felt an obligation to shed some of this pressure and difficulty off them. I would offer to buy food and talk to them if they needed anything.

I am also very sensitive when it comes to make-up on my fellow pro players. It is so bad that whenever your make-up is done well, it feels like you also play better. Pro players are like everyone else when it comes to caring about how they look, especially on tv/stream (laughs). Who doesn't want to look good on tv/stream? At the beginning of my league career I was so fixated on my make-up looking good; I would not go out to the stage if it wasn’t to my approval. I feel this exact way towards Khan and Peanut whenever they are about to go on the stage to play. I would do anything to help them out with their make-up.

Q. It seems like you take care of your health extremely well. Your skin looks good! Do you mind sharing your 'secret'?

My nickname is 'General Hospital'. When my neck starts to hurt, I go straight to the hospital. I have a skin disease called 'Seborrhea’. This disease makes it extremely difficult to manage my skin so I have to go out of my way to buy skin care products. I think because of this disease, I am forced to take care of my skin thoroughly and that is why I have such good skin now. Because I practice hard and perform well, it doesn't hurt to have some free time to keep my skin healthy.

Q. Do you have any concerns towards your fellow team?

I have some concerns regarding 'Cuzz'. He is 19 years old and is by far the most immature in the team. Always so jolly and loves immature jokes, I worry for his career if he keeps acting this way (laughs). It would be nice if he could be a little more mature from time to time.

Q. Other than the team members, do you have any other pro player you want to take care for?

I do not have any specific players in mind. I just want to take care of the new pro players joining the pro scene. Everything about joining the pro scene is incredibly difficult. The older and more experienced players on your team can be quite critical on the plays you are making. An example would be when I was in 'Najin' playing 'Sona', my team would tell me "why did you use your ult like that?" or "you could have done this but you didn't". Even though I believe the new players have so much potential, they are getting continually pressured and criticized from their teammates. When you get 'flamed' by your team, you tend to play safer/worse and I want to help players in these situations.

Q. Not long ago, 'Kuro' from Afreeca Freecs commented that you were one of his closest friends. You care to comment on this?

I consider Kuro one of my closest friends as well. Although he swears at me a lot (laughs), we both take it in a joking matter. I think we started to become close when we were in the same team (Najin).

Q. It has already been 5 years since your first match. How do you think you performed for the past 5 years as support?

I have a lot of regret towards my past performances. When I was in ROX Tigers, I didn't perform that well against teams like SKT T1. Looking back now, I feel like I could have performed a lot better.

I talked to Kuro recently about how our performance on ROX was subpar and we both could have done better. He made me realize that I could have done better in the past but the important thing is I improved.

Q. You are going to meet 'Nofe', Coach Ssong, and 'Jet' at Worlds. Do you feel worried?

Firstly, I like to believe I am lucky to meet such great teammates. I would like to believe that because of their trust in me, we all performed well in the summer split. I meant it with all good intent when I said "I hope my former teammates do well" but people interpreted that as a sign that Longzhu Gaming is splitting (laughs). I want everyone to know I had no intention of saying what I said with that purpose. I truly wish my former teammates good luck in the future.

Q. The interview is almost coming to a close. I am going to ask you some questions; would you kindly answer them with 5 words or less?

Sure (laughs).

1. Your number one champion?

- 'Janna'

2. What does PrillA mean?

- 'Duo for life'

3. Any words to your fans?

- That would be 'thanks'

4. Goal for Worlds?

- 'Win' (laughs)

Q. You are pretty good at this (laughs). Could you say some last words for the end of this interview?

I am grateful to meet you and my fans through this interview after the summer finals. We are resting well and are planning to maintain this great condition for perform at Worlds. I hope I can show you some amazing games that you can talk and hopefully interview me about. As always, thank you so much for all the support!

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