From the eyes of a gamer: sights from PAX West 2017!

PAX West is one of my favorite events of the year. Not only is there tons of high-quality cosplay on display, but the sheer volume of indie games (and the passionate developers that spare no expense on presenting them) make it a perfect place for a gamer to indulge their curiosity and try games they normally would never approach.

There were tons to and see and anyone would be hard pressed to experience all  PAX West had to offer. Days of wandering around the convention center, waiting in lines and trying every interesting game I could get my hands on left me exhausted, but also with tons of pictures.

So here are some of my favorites taken at PAX 2017!

Lyz Brickley as Mercy and Stacey Roy as Tracer!


▲ The crowd getting into PAX took over Seattle's downtown district.


▲ An entire bridge was closed off just to cater to the line of PAX attendees!


▲ The entire convention square was like this for the next 4 days.


▲ Amazing Stalker cosplay from Warframe!


▲ Beep, Boop, Brrrrrzzzap!


▲ Strider Hiryu and Cloud Strife rock a similar "cool-guy" aesthetic.


▲ Diablo cosplay is always popular at events. Demon Hunter left, Crusader right.


▲ Sold at the Ashes of Creation booth, these hats were a big hit among fans of the Kick Starter supported MMO.
▲ Blizzard hosted an invite only Shadows of Argus celebration party!


▲ Turalyon and Alleria were show stoppers-- what amazing cosplay by Henchmen studios!


▲ A crowd filled with WoW fans and contributors.


▲ The dance floor was a blast! Can you spot the InvenGlobal writer?


▲ The goodie bag given to invitees as they left the event. Very generous Blizzard!


▲ Bungie had their own event, "The Destiny 2 experience"
▲ At this event, fans waited to play the latest build of the game and win exclusive in-game codes.


▲ The event took place at a theater, re-purposed for a lan environment.


▲ The Bungie store was almost always packed-- very long lines!


▲ On display were builds of some of Destiny's iconic guns.
▲ Destiny 2 Vinyl figures were also on display.


▲ Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite had an imposing display for all who dared wait in line!


▲ At the Retro Console area, a fan favorite was the Steel Battalion pilot lessons where experts would teach the notoriously difficult game to new pilots.


▲ Once trained, you could play Steel Battalion and its iconic controller to your heart's content.


▲ Square Enix had a playable version of its most anticipated classic re-make, Secret of Mana!


▲ An omage to classic cartridges...


▲ ...and an inside look at the newest console games.


▲ Creative displays at the indie games floor designed to draw gamers attention.


▲ An incredible Samus Aran cosplayer-- wow!


▲ I had to get a photo, as it was my favorite cosplay of the event!


I had a great time at PAX West 2017 and was floored by the ammount of new games and the quality of the indie titles on display. Stay tuned for my reviews of my favorite indie games, as well as an indepth look on an up-and-coming MMO that caught my eye, and everyone elses at PAX. 

Till next time, PAX West!

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    level 1 Jackie_Craft

    Absolutely Love the pics of the floor and items. Also that blizzard bag omg!

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