Cosplayer Spotlight: Lyz Brickley

▲ Mercy (Overwatch, at Blizzcon)

Lyz Brickley is a cosplayer and content creator from Southern California. Her first cosplay was at Blizzcon in 2009 and she has been a prominent part of the community ever.

What first drew you to cosplay?

I actually kind of got into cosplay by accident. I had heard people dressed up at conventions, so I made a costume for my first con, Blizzcon in 2009. I had no idea there was this whole community of cosplayers but once I discovered it I was hooked!

What is the most satisfying thing about Cosplay

Hands down the most satisfying part of cosplay is when you put on a costume you made for the first time. When everything just comes together just right, it's amazing.

▲ Nova (Heroes of the Storm)


What type of characters do you love to cosplay?

I love cosplaying fun characters with comfy outfits. If I can mess around in a costume, I'm happy.

What cosplay achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the opportunities I've had to work with companies I admire. It means a lot to get noticed by the people who've created things you've enjoyed for years.

▲ Jinx (League of Legends, at Worlds 2016)

What would be your ideal travel destination?

My ideal travel destination is Germany. My Dad's family lives there, and I love visiting. It is such a beautiful country.

What do you do for fun besides cosplay?

I love playing games and hanging out with my dogs. Recently I've been having a lot of fun with photography and geocaching.

Where can people see more of your cosplay?



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