SSG Ruler: "Kalista's teamfight? just Focus the front line and you can't lose"

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Frequently asked questions from fans can all be answered here by Pro Players! This video interview is centered around the MVP of the match between KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy, Ruler. Claiming victory against KT Rolster 3:0, Ruler (AD Carry) has proven to everyone that Samsung is capable enough once again to qualify for the World Championship.

The last seat for the World Championship was given to the winner of the match between KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy, and as you all already know, Samsung Galaxy won their match 3:0. Because of Ruler's outstanding performance in all 3 games, we asked him for some valuable tips on playing Kalista, who is considered to be one of Ruler's strongest champions, and asked about his feelings towards qualifying for Worlds.

Q. Because you and your team beat KT Rolster 3:0, you qualified for Worlds; what are your feelings towards qualifying?

We could have easily qualified for the World Championships, but because of my mistakes in some games, I feel responsible for our delayed placement. Nonetheless, I am happy and thrilled to have qualified to go.

Q. A lot of analysts predicted KT Rolster to have the edge or advantage against you guys. Did you expect to win 3:0 against KT Rolster today?

To be honest, we have been scrimming extremely well recently and not only improved our individual skills but also our team coordination. Because of this, I expected 3:1 instead of 3:0, but I’m nonetheless happy about today's match result.

Q. Compared to the match against Afreeca Freecs, today's matched showed a much more united and clean performance. How did you and your teammates prepare for today's match?

From my perspective, we practiced trying to avoid making mistakes as much as possible.

Q. KT Rolster's botlane (Deft-Mata) is notorious for being one of the most difficult lanes to go up against. Did you have any troubles with facing them in lane?

I was honestly not afraid of them at all. They gave me my comfort pick, Kalista, so I played with a lot of confidence and ease.

Q. Do you think you showed them why they should have banned "Kalista" against you (laughter)?

I would like to believe that I showed them why they should ban "Kalista" against me. At the same time, I believe they also practiced to play against "Kalista" but she is really strong right now so that might have also been a factor.

Q. You have been performing incredibly well on "Kalista" recently and I was wondering if you have any tips for fellow "Kalista" players out there.

There are some important things to must know about "Kalista" during laning phase and team fighting. Firstly, "Kalista"'s E (Rend) must be used with precision and timing. When E (Rend) kills a minion, the cooldown and some of the mana cost is refunded. If you use her Q (Pierce) alongside her E (Rend), the damage for your rend applies alongside the additional damage of your Q (Pierce). This results in a huge discrepancy in damage compared to other marksmen. For teamfighting, you must always hit whoever is closest to you (front line). Just focus the front line and you can't lose.

Q. In the best of 3, there were some moments where it seemed like one fight could swing the game around. What was the atmosphere like inside the player booth?

When our first inhibitor was destoryed, we made a call to defend our base till it respawned. When all 3 of our inhibitors were down and we had our backs against the wall, we didn't panic and realized that baron and dragon were still respawning. We made the calm and decisive call to push mid, fight, and end the game. Thankfully, the call was the right choice and we pulled through.

Q. Recently "Ezreal" has seen some play in the jungle. As a veteran "Ezreal" player, what are your thoughts on Ezreal Jungle?

I remember playing jungle "Ezreal" once. Ezreal's early game is extremely strong compared to other junglers in the meta right now. If all other viable jungle champions are banned, I think "Ezreal" could be a very powerful pick.

Q. What parts of jungle "Ezreal" in the early stages of the game are good in your opinion?

"Ezreal" with red buff applies the on hit cooldown for his passive with his Q (Mystic Shot). If you land his Q (Mystic Shot), the damage is extremely high and this is why he is so strong in the early game.

Q. What are you planning to do while on break until the World Championships?

I am planning to play with other players from the Challengers Korea league during my break.

Q. Did you plan where you want to go during the break?

I haven't planned a specific location, but wherever I choose to go, I guess they have to follow (haha).

Q. Now that you are going to Worlds, is there any particular team or player you want to face?

I don't have any particular team or player in mind. I just think about beating whoever I am up against.

Q. Do you have any last words to say about Worlds this year round?

We are going to train extensively and be well prepared for every game we have to play. Our goal is to be prepared and reach the finals and of course, win the championship. I hope to show all of our fans the best performance from Samsung Galaxy. And as always, thank you so much to all our supporters.

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