Ninja, Rioter and the biggest TSM fan that we've ever met - Meet the Fans from NA LCS Playoffs

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

After all the fierce competition between the best of NA LCS, only two matches - Finals and Third Place Decider - are left in the 2017 NA LCS Playoffs. As for the finals, Team SoloMid and Immortals are lining up for the grand finale of the Summer split.

Of course, the matches leading up to the grand finals were vey intense, and we could meet many fans who were excited to watch their favorite teams play - even if they couldn't walk away as a winner.

We've talked to many fans who visited NA LCS Studio for the playoffs, and we could really feel the passion that that they had for the game and the NA LCS. There was even a person who came for Reginald, the man of TSM who needs no introduction.

If you haven't visited NA LCS Studio yet, why not visit the studio in person for the finals and feel the heat in person?

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