SKT Wolf: “We lost the 1st and 2nd games… but I still knew that we would win the series.”

Last Saturday, ‘SK Telecom T1’ and ‘kt Rolster’ had a mighty clash on the ‘2nd Round’ of the LCK playoffs.

Although KT started the series strongly by quickly taking the first 2 games from SKT, the champions eventually ended up turning the series around. With their victory over KT, SKT secured their spot in both the Summer Finals and Worlds.

Many fans gave props to Faker and Bang for carrying the games, but in truth, Wolf played one of the most important roles in leading his team to victory.

Wolf has many fans that fell for his unmatched confidence and trash talking. What further comment did Wolf and cCarter make on the OGN’s Weekly LCK? Let’s find out.

(To cCarter and Wolf) You’ve made it to the Finals. How do you feel?

cCarter: Very tired and uneasy. The players are all happy and energetic because of the win, but personally, for me, I feel way too tired. Although we lost the first 2 games, our players maintained a positive team atmosphere. That’s when I started thinking, “We might be able to make a comeback.”

Wolf: Today’s series was very important [for both Worlds and the Finals], so I had a lot of weight on my shoulders. It feels good that we won.

(To cCarter) Did the coaches give any special feedback when SKT lost the first 2 games?

cCarter: Not really. ‘kkOma’ actually told the players before the 3rd game that “we are going to play the 1st set now. If we win, we win, but if we lose, we lose… but let’s try to go home after a clean 3:0.”

(To cCarter) SKT was in a 4-loss streak during the regular season. How did you guys overcome it?

cCarter: During our losing streak, I honestly thought our team could win at least 1 game… The team atmosphere grew worse by the day. But when we broke the losing streak, the team atmosphere returned to normal.

(To Wolf) You displayed MVP-worthy performance during your series against KT.

Wolf: I think I played well too. (Laughs)

(To Wolf) In the waiting room after the games, you said, “I knew I was going to carry today.” Were you expecting to win?

Wolf: Recently, I’ve been performing very well in Solo Queue. I kept winning. Even when my team performed badly, I performed well, leading me to turn around losing games. Yesterday, I played with Faker, and he played terribly. But I said, “We can do it,” and eventually won with Rakan. Then I started thinking that if I play Rakan tomorrow, I will be able to carry. That’s why I played him today.

(To Both) You said that the team atmosphere grew positive over the recent days. Does it have anything to do with Wolf’s confidence?

cCarter: Wolf became very cocky when he started climbing the ladder. (Laughs) He wasn’t like this when he used to have a low MMR rating. He started playing with more confidence during practice too.

Wolf: I was queuing up the other day, and Coach cCarter came up to me and said, “Aren’t you a bit too cocky nowadays?” Then I realized that it’s true. I started to have more say in the team as well.

(To Wolf) I was a bit thrown off today by how great you were with Blitzcrank’s hooks.

Wolf: I was surprised as well. When I pulled Zac, I asked myself, “How did I do that?”

▲ The hook that even surprised Wolf himself

(To Wolf) Were you nervous at all when you guys were down 2 games in the beginning?

Wolf: Even though we lost first 2 games, I didn’t doubt for a second that we would lose. I started laughing frantically before the start of the 3rd set… because for some reason, I knew we would win.

While laughing, I got ahold of myself and started thinking, “Should I really be laughing like this?” It’s because if we end up losing the series 0-3, people might look at us negatively, wondering why I was laughing in a losing game. But laughing definitely helped me relieve the nervousness I had during the series.

(To Wolf) Your SoloQ rating wasn’t very high until recently. Weren’t you at Master Tier for a long time?

Wolf: I even dropped to as low as Diamond tier. The coaching staff told me to at least maintain 200 LP at Master Tier… but then I fell to Diamond II. I was really embarrassed because of that. I was looking down on Diamond players ever since I became a pro player. I thought, "How could this happen to me?"

▲ Including Wolf, everyone in SKT is playing a lot more Solo Queue

(To Wolf) What motivated you to play better in Solo Queue?

Wolf: It wasn’t like I didn’t try hard enough before. However, instead of thinking that I have to win every game, I thought that I should have something that I can learn from in the games that I lose.

Our team atmosphere grew negatively after our losing streak during the regular split. I realized how out of shape I was after watching how I played those matches. I couldn’t sleep at night, so I got serious and started to raise my rating. People tend to get aggressive when they play Ranked Games like that, so I’m very moody nowadays. (Laughs)

(To Wolf) Aggressive? Does that mean you shout at your teammates when they play poorly?

Wolf: Not exactly, I--

cCarter: Yep. He now scolds his teammates when they play badly.

(To Wolf) You told us that you carried the match against KT. Who else did well in the match?

Wolf: Blank did really well. In Game 5, Blank told us how he thought Zac would be at Wolf camp as he counter-jungled - turns out Zac was really there. I remember Blank doing the same to me when I played as the jungler in Ranked Games. He counter-jungled so hard that I had to whine at our coaches for three days about how ruthless he was. Seeing him do that in Game 5 reminded me of that time, so I thought we had the game in the bag since Zac was done for.

(To Both) You’ll be facing Longzhu in the finals. What are your opinions on your next opponent?

Wolf: I like both PraY and GorillA. However, we haven’t lost a lot of matches against them, even when they weren’t with Longzhu Gaming. So, I think we have a pretty good shot against them. (Laughs) My teammates are doing great too, so I think we have a good chance of defeating them.

cCarter: We have the psychological advantage. We are locked in for Worlds, while they have to win the finals or be forced to go through the qualifiers in order to get to Worlds. I think we have the upper hand.

(To cCarter) Is there any player in particular from Longzhu that you are keeping an eye on?

cCarter: We have to watch out for everyone, but I think BDD is the one to keep a close eye on. Still, I think Faker will be able to handle him on his own. The coaching staff can only do so much once the draft phase is over - The actual gameplay has to be done by the players.

(To Both) Let’s wrap up the interview with some comments to the fans and a statement about how you’ll head into the match against Longzhu.

Wolf: This will be the most interesting finals match in my entire career. It’s going to be the match of a lifetime because both we and Longzhu are very strong teams. I want to thank the fans for cheering for us because we live off our fans’ support. Thank you so much, and although the finals will be hard for us, I hope you’ll watch it because it’s going to be awesome. I hope for the best for my fans.

cCarter: We’ve crawled all the way from hell to here - We’ll make sure to prepare our best to show you a spectacular match in the finals. See you in the finals.

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