Wolf Competing Against 'kkOma': "Who will be faster? Wolf claiming the no.1 spot on ladder or kkOma reaching Diamond 1?"

On the 19th of August, 'SK Telecom T1' took down their rival, 'kt Rolster', with a score of 3:2. However, their path to victory was not the easiest, as they dropped 2 games before they made their miraculous comeback. During the series, Wolf displayed impressive performances on Rakan and Blitzcrank, making many plays that led the team to victory. 

The following is an interview done with SKT Wolf.

How do you feel after that victory?

Telecom war, qualification for Worlds, and advancement into the finals; many things were on the line today. Being honest with you, I felt a lot of weight on my shoulders. During the series, we lost the 1st and 2nd set. But it was really weird because when we were playing those two games, it didn't feel like we were going to lose. Then, when game 3 started, I had this feeling that we were going to win the series. I knew that we would win if we wake up and play accordingly.

Coach 'kkOma' is known for giving harsh feedbacks to his players. What did he say when you guys dropped games 1 and 2?

Even the coach was baffled that we lost games 1 and 2. He also told the team that it was okay to lose today because all we need to do then - is prepare for Worlds qualification tournament.

You pulled out Blitzcrank and Rakan, which aren't your usual picks.

The situation called for it. Also, yesterday, in a game of Solo Queue, I made a comeback in a seemingly impossible game and won. I've also been practicing a lot of Blitzcrank in scrims.

KT took Sivir in set 3 and 5. What went through your mind?

They probably took her to counter Rakan. But to be honest, it was really easy playing against her as Rakan. She can't pressure Rakan at all during the laning phase. In my opinion, Sivir isn't a great pick in the current meta, no matter who her support is. 

You're facing off against GorillA in the upcoming finals.

I'm actually very well acquainted with GorillA, as a matter of fact, out of all the players, I talk with him the most. We know each other very well. I hope our series will be fun.

GorillA is currently "notorious" for playing a lot of Lux support in 'Solo Queue'.

I've played against a lot of Lux when playing Thresh, Alistar, and Blitzcrank. And every single time, I asked myself, "Why did they pick her?" However, she could be considered as a counter pick to certain champions like Janna and Lulu.

You're really high up there on the Solo Queue ladder.

I was low on the ranked ladder in the past... but it wasn't because I was lazy. At that time, I personally felt like my overall performance was dropping - similar to the feeling I had during MSI 2015. So I got to my senses and started practicing intensely.

Then, I made a bet with coach Kkoma on who will be faster - Wolf claiming the no.1 spot on the Solo Queue ladder or Kkoma reaching Diamond 1? This bet has a lot on the line, so I started playing like crazy. (Laughs)

Any final words?

Our journey started from the wildcard match, and today's match was definitely hard fought. I consider the 'finals' to be a reward for our team's hard efforts. I want to win the whole thing and go back home smiling. Thank you for always cheering for us.

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