SKT Peanut on beating SSG: "Faker came over to me and said 'Tomorrow, I, will, carry.'"

On August 15th, SK Telecom T1 defeated Samsung Galaxy 3-0 in the LCK Playoffs 2017, advancing to the semifinals where kt Rolsters are waiting for them. After the match, we had a chance to talk to Peanut about the match and playoffs in general.

Check it out below!


Q. Congratulations on your victory! Please say a few words to the fans.

It is a pleasure to say hello to you guys. I'm able to do this interview with a glad heart by winning the game today.

Q. The game was really great today. I would like to hear what you think on this victory.

Faker and I live in a same house, and yesterday, I left the game house with Faker. Before I slept, Faker came over to me and said "Tomorrow, I, will, carry." At that time I did not catch his meaning. But now I really appreciate what he did in this game.

Q. Your team was defeated by Samsung Galaxy 0-2 during the regular season. Was it not a burden to face SSG?

I did feel some pressure. However, the results were good during scrims, so I could shake off the pressure with practice. I thought there was no team we couldn't defeat. With that in mind, I could handle the pressure. 

Q. Did you prepare any specific strategies for Samsung Galaxy?

Prepare? Rather than preparing something specific, we focused on improving ourselves and reducing mistakes. We just focused on ourselves.

Q. Samsung Galaxy replaced their jungler and botlane duo in third game. What was your thought on that?

I thought 'We'll win 3-0' when they replaced them. I didn't expect Samsung to replace every member except top and midlaner.

Q. You are famous as good jungler who prefers aggressive jungle champion like Lee Sin. Are you sad that the metagame has shifted away from such champions?

The metagame was somewhat similar last year. Also, a professional player should be able
to play with all champions. I hope you'd think 'He is skillful at tanky jungler but he could play better when aggressive junglers are in meta.'

Q. Going as far as being called 'Peanut's Bizarre Adventure', you've met many ex-ROX Tigers teammates in playoffs.

As I've said before, I think this is one of fun factors. A pro player's goal is only to win. I think it is just a fun part of the process while I achieve that goal. Still, I sent a message to Smeb saying "I'm coming for you." [after the match] He answered, "I told you, you don't need to come here!"

Q. Then, do you have something that you want to tell Smeb?

Bro, I missed you so much. It was been a long time since we met, so I really did my best to see you. Let's have a fun game again.

Q. Your next game will be against 'kt Rolster'.

I trust that we are in good momentum. We showed good performance not only during scrims but also in matches. We are very confident now. Also our members are hard to beat. So I would like to say that there will be a good result.

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